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If you are interested in writing for us, please go through this page and read everything carefully.

At, there is equal opportunity for everyone to join our ever-growing network of authors and contributors. As long as you can provide high-quality content, you are welcome to contribute to this site. The acceptance of your content is ultimately based on the quality, credibility, and relevance of the submitted content.

We reply to everyone who is interested, so please do not hesitate to contact us at for an opportunity to write for us. But before doing so, please go through some important points below.

What type of content is accepted?

We accept content that falls into any of these categories:  Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Personal Growth, and Inspiration. We believe that these categories are the 5 core areas of living stronger, so if your content can help the average human live stronger, it will surely belong to one of those categories.

All content must be 100% original and unique. Content should not be previously published in any other website or duplicated in any other website at any point in time, before or after publishing. Any detected plagiarism may lead to action against the author.

Please refer to the different types of content and guidelines:

  • Articles. 
    • Must comprise of high quality, credible, and relevant topic(s), tips, how-to’s, tutorials, stories etc. Anything that helps people live stronger, smarter, and better is considered relevant.
    • Must be content-rich/dense, with concise points and no repetitions and beating around the bush with words.
    • Must contain at least 1000 words. There is no maximum limit but our ideal range is around 1,300 – 3,500 words.
    • Must be written in American or British English with negligible spelling and grammar errors.
    • Must contain sources or references if not backed by personal experience or relevant qualifications. This requirement is more strict for types of content such as medical advice which requires professional knowledge in medicine.
    • May contain images as long as these are royalty free or free for commercial use. Copyrighted images may be used with permission and reference to the source. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Reviews
    • Could be product reviews, fitness program/workout reviews, diet plan reviews, or reviews of any product/service that belongs to our 5 core categories.
    • Must be detailed and may include criteria for scoring which can be aggregated to a total score on either a 5-star scale or 100% scale. Anyone may submit reviews since these are solely based on personal opinion.
    • Must be written in American or British English with negligible spelling and grammar errors.
    • May contain images as long as these are royalty free or free for commercial use. Copyrighted images may be used with permission and reference to the source.
  • Tools and Resources 
    • Could be fitness tools, workout plans, diet plans, tests (fitness, health, personality etc.), fitness/health tables, analytics, surveys, templates, or any other relevant tool or resource that may help people live stronger.
    • Must be easy to use or understand (user-friendly) on web-interface, if not downloadable.
    • Must not be previously existing on our website.
    • You may submit the idea or concept of the tool/resource and we can code it into our website with your name as the creator/author of the tool.
  • Guest Posts
    • Well-known persons or authors including fitness coaches, doctors, nutritionists, motivational persons, and the like may also write for us.
    • Same article guidelines still apply, but authors are encouraged to write in their own usual style.
    • Content must be exclusive and may not exist on any other third-party website.

Most of our content falls into the above categories. However, you may always suggest content types that are not mentioned above. Just get in touch with us via our email and we’d be happy to discuss the possibility of publishing your content on our site

Who can write for us?

The short answer is: literally anyone of age 18 or above may write for us. Specifically,

  • Experts/Professionals/Coaches. If you are an expert/professional/coach or if you hold a degree, certification, or any related qualification in any of the 5 aforementioned categories, your content has a high chance of being accepted and published. Those who may not have great writing skills may still submit their valuable content, and we will polish the content for you.
  • Experienced Persons. If you don’t have the qualifications, that’s not a problem at all. You can still submit any content that you wish to share based on your experiences and knowledge.
  • Anyone Willing to Share, Really. Many people love to share information with the world but do not have the experience or qualifications. You may still submit well-written content to us provided you include reliable sources and references.

Next Steps

Download the article submission template below. To get the ball rolling, download the word document below which you can use to fill in your article content. After which, please send your finished article to We will review and proofread your article and publish it if all goes well, and you’ll get an email of the published link which you can freely share with your circles.


Send us an email at If you have any hesitations, inquiries, or clarifications, feel free to use the form below to automatically send us a question. We reply to all emails.