Women’s Edition: 3 Abdominal Exercises You Can Do at Home!

For women, doing abdominal exercises is evidently helpful not only to achieve a flatter tummy but most importantly to keep a strong core.

The stronger your core, the higher the chance of injury prevention, enhanced running form, and improved balance.

Aside from that, if you’ll pay attention to working out your core, you’ll be able to do both simpler and harder tasks.

Whether it’s walking up and down the stairs, morning runs, strength training, and more, with your compelling abdominal strength, it’ll surely be a piece of a cake!

All you have to do now is set your goal to a more active lifestyle [if you’re aren’t physically active].

And if you’re one who does regular exercises at home, it’s now time for you to know that it’s not just about planks and sit-ups – come level up your fitness routine and get better results.

So, having all that said, keep your focus on this article and find out these three suggested abdominal exercises you can do at home!

Take note:

Below are the four groups of muscles found in your core that are targetted by doing this best-suggested abdominal workout for women: 

●     External abdominal obliques

This group of muscles stretches from the lower half of your ribcage around and down to your pelvis.  

●     Internal abdominal obliques

These are abdominal muscles that you may find just beneath your external abdominal oblique muscle.

●     Rectus abdominus

Rectus abdominus is a group of muscles that are visible in a “six-pack” abs. It’s extending vertically on either side of the anterior wall of your abdomen.

●     Transversus abdominus

These muscles are considered the deepest abdominal muscles. It’s extending within your internal abdominal obliques.

Now, to target and properly tone each muscle group effectively, you’re advised to add these abdominal exercises in your workout routine.

By doing so, you’re helping your body to not merely get toned abs but also to stabilize your spine and pelvis.

Through that, you’ll have an improved posture and reduced risk of back pain.

1. Bicycle crunches

First on the list is strengthening your core by doing bicycle crunches.

This abdominal exercise might look easy at your first look, but sorry, it’s not – though good thing is that it’s convenient enough to be done at home.

One challenge you might face by doing this workout is that you might hurt your neck once you do it carelessly or disregard doing it with the right formation.

So, to do bicycle crunches, the first step is to get a mat and comfortably lie down on your back.

After that, put both of your hands behind your head. This is to provide your head with enough and gentle support with the use of your fingers without pulling.

Carry your knee up to your chest, then move your upper body to touch your knee with the elbow of your opposite arm while the opposite leg goes straight out.

Continue with the cycling motion up to 3 sets composed of 12 to 16 reps either side.

crunches - Women’s Edition: 3 Abdominal Exercises You Can Do at Home!

2. Bird dog

Next on the list that you absolutely can do at the very comfort of your home is the bird dog.

The bird dog exercise concentrates on strengthening your core – more particularly the abdominal muscles, butt, lower back, and your thighs.

This is an abdominal workout that will make you feel a little uncomfortable at first.

But once you do it repeatedly, the more that you’ll take control of the overall movements.

By doing this abdominal exercise, you’ll be starting with your knees directly below your hips and your wrists below your shoulders.

Then stretch and/or raise your left leg behind your body and see to it that you’re not arching back.

Hold on to that position for about 10 seconds then go back to the first position.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on both sides.

3. Lunges

lunges - Women’s Edition: 3 Abdominal Exercises You Can Do at Home!

Personally, I thought doing lunges is an easy thing but I was absolutely wrong. 

And just like you, I never thought lunges can help in achieving abdominal muscles.

So, first of all, this abdominal exercise is a very beneficial toner for your whole body, but most specifically target your core muscles.

In performing lunges at home, make sure that you have a yoga mat to prevent your feet from slipping over.

Then now, stand with your feet with a hip-width distance, step left foot forward and bend your knee to do a lunge position.

You must hold your back and your back knee around 3 inches above the ground.

If you want to intensify this abdominal exercise, you can include dumbbells while doing lunges at home.

You’re advised to do 30 lunges that make it 15 either leg. 

Final thoughts:

So, now that you’re familiarised with the 3 of the best abdominal workout you can actually do at home, don’t forget to apply it to your fitness routine from now on.

If you have additional tips to get those beautifully toned abs, feel free to share it anytime!

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