Why All Smart People Should Exercise

This post is targeted to all the intelligent and genius individuals out there. We’re talking about the smart peeps who take pride in their high IQ – the nerds, geeks, academics, bookworms, and the like. If you identify yourself as one, read on!

But before anything else, why such intellectual discrimination for an audience?

Here’s the thing: There are two types of people in the world: those who regularly exercise and those who do not. We’re not worried about the first type because they’ll do fine, but rather the second type of people who do not exercise. Moreover, we’ve found that a big proportion of these people who do not exercise are those with higher IQs: the intellectuals and the geniuses.

It is not hard to guess why this is usually the case with smart people. Smart people usually occupy themselves with intellectual or academic endeavors that take up so much of their time leaving no time for exercise. Some incredibly smart people are busy inventing and creating things to make our lives easier, but they tend to fixate their attention solely on these things. Smart people usually have so much on their plate because their brain capacity allows them to. All that said, it is really hard to imagine exercise in the schedule of these people.

That is not to say that this applies to every smart person out there. In fact, a truly smart person knows that exercise is important for him/her and would definitely find time for some sort of exercise.

A perfect example would Albert Einstein, one of the smartest minds in history. Einstein used to follow a regular exercise routine in that he was into biking many kilometers every day for his fitness. He used to be able to think up his best insights and solutions while exercising.

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However, if you’re one of those smart people who just can’t seem to find the time for exercise, you’ll surely be convinced to find time for exercise after reading this.

Before revealing the convincing benefit of exercise that appeals especially to smart people, here are some common benefits of exercise:

  • Reduced risk of major diseases
  • ‎Longer life
  • ‎Healthy heart levels
  • ‎Active, ‎fit and aesthetic body
  • Increased energy
  • ‎Positive Mood
  • ‎Shield from depression and anxiety
  • ‎Glowing skin
  • ‎Increase in sex drive
  • ‎Improved quality of sleep

Exercise has so many benefits that it’s simply magical. The absence of exercise would just be injustice to the body. However, many smart people are aware of the aforementioned benefits, but still, aren’t convinced to find time to exercise.

Let’s change that.

Among the many benefits of exercise that are good for everyone, there is one benefit that can especially appeal to smart people. And this benefit should easily convince any smart person to exercise. Here it is:

Exercise makes you smarter, improves cognitive performance, increases creativity, and enables you to think clearer.

Yes, exercise is also a brain booster. If you’re a smart person, exercise will make you even smarter. If you were ever looking for a drug that can increase your IQ, exercise is your answer.

The smartest thing to do is to embrace exercise and find time for it because doing so will enable you to be more intellectually productive and hence let you even succeed more in your intellectual endeavors. It’s like an investment that gives really high returns, not a waste of time.

And always remember:

A feeble body weakens the mind.

A feeble body weakens the mind. - Why All Smart People Should Exercise

That’s why a truly smart person knows that exercising can help him live smarter. A truly smart person would never give up exercising.

What kind of exercise makes you smarter?

Anything that makes you move. Humans aren’t meant to stay idle and at rest. Whether it is playing a sport, joining the gym, going for a morning jog, Zumba dance, or even just walking, any form of active movement will make you not only healthier but also smarter.

Hopefully, that was enough to convince all the smart people reading this to get moving. 🙂

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