Why Are Online Yoga Classes Better?

The ancient discipline originated in India and is a great practice that makes your body, mind and soul refreshed and strengthened. Yoga is accepted as one of the best practices to heal, repair and enhance one’s body and mind, and you will find millions of people practising yoga regularly across the globe. Whether you practice yoga at a yoga centre or attend the yin yoga classes online, you will be refreshed and healthy all day long.

Everything is now done online, purchase, registration of the vehicle, making appointments, applying for visas, ordering food, and finally, after the pandemic, people are working from home. And now, you can learn yoga through online classes easily. Many institutions and freelancers are now offering online yoga classes to help you learn yoga from the comfort of your home.

This article will focus on the benefits/advantages of attending yoga classes online.

Advantages of attending online yoga classes:

Affordable compared to the offline yoga classes

Virtual yoga classes tend to be less expensive compared to offline classes. Online classes will cost you only a few dollars, whereas offline classes can charge you from $20 to $40 per class. Though you may find less expensive classes in the outskirts or establishments far from the city, you would have to travel more to get there. Hence, online classes are the best option for you to learn yoga at an affordable price—and learn from the experts.

A lot easier and faster

When you join online yoga classes, you don’t need to drive, find a parking lot, or carry a bag, yoga mat and other accessories to the class. All this takes a lot of time from your busy schedule. But, if you join an online class, you just need to lay the mat down in front of your laptop/smart T.V and start doing the poses as instructed by the trainer.


Classes are divided into different categories and as per your program. If you are busy on a specific day, you can choose a 60 min training class instead of a 75- or 90-minute class. You will have more options, such as short videos of simple asanas and stretching that you must do before and after a particular asana. And several other short videos about the poses and what poses help improve the functioning of an organ and what minimises the pain in a specific body part. Many institutions like yin yoga classes online offer customised video classes as per your request, utilise this opportunity and join the online courses.


If your profession takes you to places, doing yoga could be difficult unless you join the online yoga program. The best part of these classes is that you can save the yoga class (to watch later) and attend the live class whenever possible. You can also contact the trainer if you have doubts.

With the help of a virtual yoga class, you can practice it anywhere and anytime, and all you need is a network connection and a gadget with a screen. This way, even if you travel 365 days a year, you will never miss your yoga class.

Less intimidating and comfortable (at home)

The online yoga class is the best option if you are an introvert or are more accustomed to working out or practising yoga at home. Many feel intimidated after seeing others perform challenging asanas and stretches, which could demotivate them.

But, there’s no such issue in the online classes. One can try the asanas, make mistakes, and try again without feeling self-conscious.

These are the advantages of joining online yoga classes.

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