Why Are Gravity Blankets So Popular?

Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have come to learn about weighted blankets. While some may not know a great deal about them and have never tried them, the term has become more familiar because of the high level of press coverage received. These blankets have been well-received because of the benefits they offer, and their popularity has soared as a result of this.

From weight blankets for children to an adult weighted blanket, there are plenty of options for consumers to choose from. In addition, these blankets come at an affordable price, which makes them ideal for those who are on a budget but want to enjoy the many benefits that they offer. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why weighted blankets have become so popular with people of all ages.

What Are They and How Do They Work?

Like the name suggests, a weighted blanket is made by filling it with poly pellets, polypropylene plastic beads, or discs. There are some that are made from a softer material, such as breathable cotton, which helps them keep the feeling of a traditional duvet.

A weighted blanket is also known as a gravity blanket, and it’s oftentimes used by therapists when they have a patient who needs a sensory integration therapy. They tend to help with quite a lot of problems, but we’ll talk about the benefits in detail below.

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The Unexpected Benefits Weighted Blankets Can Offer

There are many unexpected benefits that weighted blankets can offer. When most people think of a blanket, they simply imagine something that will help them to stay warm. However, weighted blankets offer far more than this, and this has helped to make them very popular. Some of these benefits include:

Bringing Your Stress Levels Down

Stress is something that affects most of us to some degree, but some people have higher stress levels than others. When you suffer from stress on a regular basis, it can have a huge impact on your overall health and quality of life. This is why it is important to take steps to try and bring down your stress levels, and weighted blankets can help.

Weighted blankets use a special structure and technology that helps to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels when you use the blanket. This then helps to lift your mood, as well as offering other benefits. Serotonin can help to regular your mood as well as your appetite, sleep, and general functioning, so by boosting levels of this chemical, the weighted blanket can help in many ways.

Making it Easier to Switch Off

A lot of people these days find it very difficult to switch off and relax, and if your mind is always turning, it can have an adverse effect on your life quality. It is important for everyone to learn how to relax and take some time out, as your mental and physical health can suffer otherwise. Problems at work, issues, at home, and financial worries are just a few of the things that can make it difficult to switch off and relax.

Fortunately, weighted blankets are designed to help promote relaxation, so it makes it much easier to switch off and unwind. This is something that both your body and mind need in order to boost your overall wellbeing.

Providing Increased Comfort

Another thing that many people have reported when using a weighted blanket is that they experience increased levels of comfort, which makes it much easier for you to relax. These blankets make users feel more secure and comforted, and they can help to restore calmness. Many people use these blankets for their older children as a result of these benefits.

Helping You to Get to Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is vital when it comes to your health, wellbeing, and quality of life, but there are lots of people who struggle to get the sleep they need. Some cannot get to sleep in the first place, some find they keep waking up, and some have low-quality sleep where they toss and turn all night. If this happens on a regular basis, it could have a serious negative impact on your health.

When you use a weighted blanket, it can provide the many benefits you need to get a better night’s sleep. This includes making you feel more comforted and relaxed, boosting serotonin levels to help regulate sleep, and reducing your stress levels.

Reducing Anxiety Levels

Another issue that affects many people these days is anxiety, and this can have a range of causes. Anxiety is something that can impact heavily on your mental wellbeing and can also lead to physical health issues if it is not properly controlled.

With a weighted blanket, you will be able to benefit from a reduction in anxiety levels, which will help to boost your overall wellbeing and health.

They Can Recreate a Hug

This is something you’ll easily notice with babies – they tend to respond a lot better when they’re cuddled, hugged or swaddled. However, if you think that this is just for children, you’ll be surprised when you realize that this feeling doesn’t fade when you get older. A weighted blanket will create a comfortable place that emulates that same sensation of being hugged. For many, it’s a magic blanket, and it’s definitely something you’ll enjoy. And if you think you can achieve the same thing with a regular blanket, wait till you’ve tried a weighted one.

Try a Weighted Blanket for Yourself

When you try a weighted blanket for yourself, you will be surprised at just what a difference it can make to your overall wellbeing and your life quality. Make sure you always choose a high-quality blanket and also make sure you choose the right weight for your needs. You can then experience the comfort, relaxation, and improved sleep that can come from using a weighted

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