Why are Africans Stronger Than the Rest of the World?

Before you start with all the racism stuff, please note that this post is meant to put out there a scientific reality, and not some racist propaganda.

Africans aren’t just more muscular, stronger, and more athletic than their white or brown counterparts, they’ve also got great adaptation capabilities. Several studies have tried to establish precisely the reason why Africans tend to be more superior in their physicality, toughness, aggression, and generally more diverse than whites, it turns out it is not just due to hereditary factors, Africans have a long history of adapting to the most extreme conditions.

Charles Darwin postulated the theory which explains the concept of adaptation, he said that it is not the most intelligent species that survive neither is it the strongest species that survive, instead, the species that survives is the species that is best able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. Different studies on Africans involving some sophisticated muscle comparison suggests that Africans indeed have some small physical edge than whites

Coming down to the world of sport, Africans and persons with African background are dominating major sports events both home and abroad, especially sports like basketball, baseball, short and long distance race, and even boxing which require less cognitive proficiency and more physicality, speed, endurance and sheer power.

Ironically, Africans’ domination in these areas has not been rewarded with a fair proportion of top offices in the sports world. To many blacks, that has only reinforced a racial stereotype, white athletes generally see Africans as gladiators, performers a race of physical superiority.

While black athletes are so successful is a complicated and sensitive issue, a lot of people believe it is racial discrimination to suggest any difference between black and white athletes, and many African are convinced that white people have some reasons to believe that black athletes are physically superior but intellectually inferior to whites.

Factors Contributing to Africans’ Physical Superiority

Some factors have been proven to be the major cause of the significant physical difference between Africans and the rest of the world, but biological factors are the frontrunners in major determinants of how a child seems to be developing during their first few years of life, and also with increasing age, the impact of environment plays a major role and may, to a reasonable extent, modify how the child’s biological development is being expressed.

  • Skeletal Development

One of the most notable factors contributing to the to the big physiological difference between Africans and the rest of the world is the formation of their skeletal systems. Africans typically have a dense muscular structure, long arms and relatively longer legs with a slender pelvis. The lower incidence of fractures among Africans, compared with whites, has generally been explained by greater bone strength among blacks, although differences in non-skeletal risk factors for fracture cannot be completely excluded.

  • Muscular Strength

Strength is generally defined as the quality of being strong; the maximum force that the muscle group can generate, VO2 max (measurement related to aerobic endurance that several athletes use in determining their overall fitness) is almost entirely irrelevant in the context of strength, yet, it’s a competing demand. Having a great aerobic system can help you recover better between intervals and days of strength training. The fact that black people are good at fast and explosive sports such as sprint has a direct relationship with both environmental and cultural background since these activities rely on fast twitch muscle fibers. Majority of Africans have good genetics requirements for building muscle.

  • Nutrition diversity

Considering the African Heritage Diet Pyramid’s illustration, African diet is based on whole, fresh plant foods items like colorful fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, which are all gotten fresh from the source. African have dietary preferences which arose from cultural influences and necessity, many African families have traditional and cultural food they eat in fulfilling traditional rites and rituals and some of these can be of tremendous benefit to their physical development. Four in every ten culturally and traditionally groomed Africans have a garden in their backyard.

  • Coordination

Good technique will more often than not, overcome bad technique, even if we look exactly the same. More often than not, developing a great coordination has little to do with the size of a muscle. Several tests have shown that black generally has explosive running and jumping abilities due to their inherently good coordination skill, and this has some direct consequences in terms of cultural, athletic, artistic and intellectual capability incompetence between Africans and the rest of the world.

  • Weather

Ever before global warming became an intercontinental issue, many African countries were unusually vulnerable to floods, droughts, and heat waves. Desertification and climate zone shift have several causes and these causes are associated with complex interactions. Africans generally have naturally developed through evolution, the ability to survive in the most extreme weather thereby improving their already inherent endurance and adaptive capabilities.

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