What Muscles Does Kayaking Work?

Kayaking is among the top outdoor activities in the recreation world. Whether you are into fishing, sports or adventure, kayaking remains to be an out of this world experience. I started kayaking when I was a little boy. I can say, I was introduced by my old man – a veteran and staunch fishing lover.

Besides the adventure and epic moments of kayakers, this activity has proven popular in the world of fitness for years. Most sportsmen and women from all categories and fitness professionals once in a while go for kayaking as a form of exercising. The question we need to answer is, what muscles are used in Kayaking?

Things to Understand about Kayaking and Fitness

For fitness lovers, there are a million activities that will help keep in shape. If you are starting or continuing with your fitness journey this year and kayaking is your fitness vessel, you need to understand a couple of things about kayaks and paddling.

Most workouts aim at engaging specific muscles to give you a target gain. Whether you are into fitness to lose weight, gain weight or just for power gain, you need to have an expectation or target gain. Therefore, some of the things you have to understand about paddling kayaks for fitness include:

  • The Muscles Kayaking Works

Picture yourself in a solo paddling kayak scenario. Say, you are set to move from point A to point B of the river on your kayak. Let’s say these two points are a kilometer or two away. You can imagine the effort you will need to put to complete the distance.

What is more important is how to manage your energy and muscle engagement to move the distance faster with more convenience. That is why it is important to understand the muscles you will engage during your kayaking. Some of the major muscles engaged when paddling your kayak include:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Abs
  • Chest

Kayaking is popular among sportspersons and fitness lovers because it is an all-around exercise. Paddling a kayak engages almost all body muscles. The degree of muscle engagement hover varies from one body part to another. Upper body muscles are more worked when kayaking than lower limbs though.

  • Benefits of Kayaking for Fitness

As far as bodybuilding and fitness are concerned, using a kayak comes with a million other benefits. At first, I only relied on my kayak for fishing. At least that is the routine I borrowed from my moments with my dad. As time passed and I spent more time with my kayak, I started learning a million other advantages that came with using a kayak.

These benefits include whole body muscle gain, a lot of calories burning, healthy heart and power gain. There are a lot more reasons as to why you should go kayaking for fitness reasons. We are just highlighting the few common benefits, but you can always find out about more.

  • Kayaking Tips For Better Fitness Results

As I was saying earlier, anyone can go kayaking. This doesn’t mean that you will obviously achieve optimum fitness from using your kayak. You first have to understand how to do it right if you want great fitness gains. My first tip is to ensure you are familiar with kayaking. Make sure you are holding and working the paddles right and steering the boat the way you are supposed to.

Ones you are able to go about kayaking the way you need to, you now should consider planning your routine. Are you a beginner or fitness pro? What is your fitness goal? Come up with an organized plan. In your plan, include your targets, number of kayaking sessions in a week or month and so on.

After all that follow your schedule and focus on your fitness target and you will do just fine. At this point, be sure you are doing everything right and according to your plan.

Final Thoughts 

A kayak is a great asset to a sports and fitness person. It comes along with fun and a lot of other health gains. What else can you want for healthy living? Every single encounter brings adventure and leaves you more fit than before. Now you know how much your muscles gain from a kayaking workout.

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