What kind of shoes to wear on a treadmill?

The characteristics of a treadmill

The latest decades, the large development of the gyms around the world brought a revolutionary wave to the way people keep themselves fit. The lack of training space, as well as the pollution around the cities, has made the outdoors aerobic exercise almost impossible for the vast majority of the population.

Cardio aerobic exercise is very popular among the public enrolling in a gym. It consists of a single rubber corridor that moves backward and you can run on the treadmill safely.

You also have the possibility to adjust the speed of running or the incline of the running belt to imitate the steep hill running conditions simply by pressing a single button. This is the treadmill that we all fell in love with and has helped many people to find their ultimate weight again.

Is there a chance to run without shoes on the treadmill?

The special characteristics of the treadmill leave you with fewer options to run without the proper footwear. First, you need to touch to the hard-surfaced rubber corridor which is rotating rapidly. You need all the grip you can possibly get since the rapidly moving corridor can easily make you lose your balance and suffer from serious injuries.

On the other hand, there are also hygiene issues to have in mind. When you are not wearing treadmill walking shoes while running on the treadmill there is a higher chance to get infections of the feet by fungi or other bacteria that are developed on the corridor. This could be really frustrating when you want to keep your feet healthy at any cost.

The best shoes for treadmill

Shoes that are capable to give you more freedom and movement when running on a treadmill are the ones that can make you feel more comfortable when you are wearing them. Running on a treadmill needs more balance and equilibrium that only the right kind of footwear can offer to the user.

In addition, the lightweight materials of the shoes can make them more breathable promoting the air ventilation of the lower feet at a glance. This is extremely important for people using the treadmill since they have the ability to use it even when they are training for long hours.

Moreover, the ankle and foot arch protection when you are running on a treadmill is of critical importance and can be guaranteed only by wearing the right kind of shoes. The treadmill friendly shoes are the ones that can keep together the ankle area with the rest of the curve offering them the chance to interfere without feeling any painful syndrome.

Finally, the insoles of the treadmill compatible shoes must be among the softest available in the market. This feature can be guaranteed by the existence of the extra cushioning found in critical areas like the heel and the foot curve. Giving extra support to these areas can lower the pressure felt by the running belt and give you more quality hours on the treadmill.

Making you last longer on the treadmill

It is usually the footbed area that can give you extra fatigue signs and make you stop running on a treadmill after a while. When you are wearing the proper shoes, you place a natural shield over your footbed surface so that you can withstand all the adverse powers coming from the hard rubber belt.

However, the forefoot area plays a significant role in keeping your balance when you are running on a treadmill. This is important since you need to wear the best available shoes to provide extra room for your toe fingers. Their mobility directly relates to your ability to stand longer on the treadmill and be a successful runner.

Final thoughts on treadmill shoes

As you may have probably realized there is a great necessity to wear top quality shoes if you want to run safely on the treadmill. Running naked-feet is not an option especially when you are running on a shared treadmill where many persons are training.

The right treadmill shoes have the most highly-sophisticated outsole to give them extra grip and traction. Additionally, they feature a softer insole to support all the sensitive soft tissue structures of the feet. This can give you better comfort through the race.

To add up, most of the brand shoes manufacturers are adding a special EVA midsole layer between the insole and the outsole. This is made of a certain foamy material that can take the shape of your feet and recall it anytime you are wearing them. This is important for the perfect fit of the shoes and the maximum comfort you need to feel to run long distances on the treadmill.

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