What Ketosis Is & How to Get into It Fast

You may have heard a lot about the ketosis diet recently. It is being embraced all over the world. In this article, we’ll tell you what it is and how you can get into a state of ketosis quickly.

Many people from across the globe are participating in a keto diet. It has many health benefits including low blood glucose levels, weight loss, and even reduction of seizures in epileptic sufferers. The diet really works wonders when you go into a state of ketosis. Before starting a ketosis diet, we’re sure you’ll want to know what it is.

Essentially it is a metabolic process that is completely natural. It happens when the body runs out of glucose for energy and starts to use stored fat instead. The result of this is a buildup of acids called ketones that accumulate within the body. You’ll really want to hit your best exogenous ketones fast to reap any rewards. So how can you get into the state quickly? We’re going to tell you all about how.

Exercise puts you in keto faster

Ketosis diet results are really exacerbated when combining the diet with exercise. Is exercise which will help burn off any glycogen and speed up your metabolism, helping you to get into a keto state and fast?

Glycogen is essentially sugar which your body stores in its liver and muscles. If you got glycogen, you’re not going to burn fat as fuel. If you see yourself moving more than usual, glycogen is burnt off in your body. After this, the body is going to start burning fat as fuel. Be careful that you don’t eat too much protein because the body can also convert it to glucose for energy.

If you’re not used to exercising, start walking around and then gradually build up to something more intense over time. Who knows? With gradual effort along the way and some baby steps, you could easily work your way up from no exercise towards going on a full-blown bodybuilding ketosis diet plan!

Bodybuilding can get ketosis on the way

One of the best things you can do is go on a bodybuilding ketosis diet. Keto goes hand-in-hand with a bodybuilding lifestyle. Bodybuilding certainly requires a lot of solid protein consumption in order for people to build up muscle mass. The ketogenic diet is completely protein-friendly, allowing weightlifters and bodybuilders to consume a lot of protein through various food groups instead of having to purchase and consume processed protein products. The benefit of all this is that people can have the freedom to eat all sorts of foods that are high in protein when on a bodybuilding extreme ketosis diet.

Using Exogenous Ketones gets Ketosis going Faster

Some of the best ketones that you should research are BHB Salts and C8 MCT Oil. These supplements are available all over the place and will help you get into ketosis much faster than regularly approaching the diet. The salts can really help you increase your focus and energy. Athletes are using them all around the world for brilliant success.
Use Coconut Oil for much faster keto

Another substance that will certainly boost the ketogenic diet for you is coconut oil. If you can consume around 2 tablespoons, twice a day, you could induce ketosis much faster than with a regular high-fat diet. The reason behind this is because coconut oil is full of triglycerides and it can reduce our hunger. The key is only to use cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil which has a large and much broader array of fatty acids.

Some of these fatty acids can help in other ways, for instance, lauric acid helps to fight off the flu, colds and other nasty illnesses. You’ll find that coconut oil can also be used very well for frying because it has a high smoke point, plus it makes your hair and skin beautiful too! Keep some of the stuff on hand for when you’re cooking in the kitchen on your diet.

Eat a variety of different fats

Because the ketosis diet is high in fat, it is vital that you can get a large array of fats from plenty of different food sources in order to stimulate ketosis. Try getting fats from grass-fed cow butter, oily fish such as sardine or salmon, nuts and extra virgin coconut oil. All of these things are brilliant sources of fats, plus they are of high quality. Avoid any processed products whenever you can. As you stock up on fats, the body will be ready for ketosis – you’ll be laying the groundwork for the ideal conditions.

Get rid of milk and low-fat dairy products

But how about fat in milk? If you really want to get to a keto stage quickly, you’ll need to get rid of all low-fat dairy and milk. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that you can use. No longer will you have to go without milk in your coffee – use some unsweetened nut milk instead! There are many alternatives that need to be embraced because milk has too many carbohydrates which will prevent you from getting into your required state.

The ketosis diet – final thoughts

So, what do you think – is the ketosis diet safe in your opinion? Do you know what to do to turbocharge ketosis? We certainly hope we answer these questions for you and that they are both “yes” answers in your mind. Have fun with this diet because it certainly can work wonders!

Are ketosis diet foods allowed in your household? Do you think you’ll give the diet a try?

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