What Damages Can Squirrels Cause and How To Control Them?

Squirrels look adorable, but only from a distance. If they start living in your yard and house, they can wreak havoc. These little creatures are very sneaky and fast. Catching them alive is next to impossible. If they find food, shelter, water, and good hiding places in your house, they will make it a permanent residence. So, you have to remove all squirrels before they enter your home.

How can squirrels damage your place?

Indeed squirrels look cute and innocent, but those little guys can make your life hell. They can ruin your yard and house by digging holes and chewing everything they find. Some of the most severe damages done by squirrels are;

Damage your trees

If you have squirrels in your yard, they will eat the fruits along with leaves, buds, and bark. When there are too many squirrels, your garden will suffer damages, and infant plants will die. Moreover, they will ruin your flowers and fruits before you collect or even see them in full bloom.

Damage the soil

Squirrels love digging. They will dig holes on the ground of your yard to hide their food and make underground passages. It is dangerous for new plants. Squirrels can uproot new plants and ruin the grass. Thus, your yard will look messed up.

Food stealing

Squirrels can steal our food very skillfully. They eat almost everything that we consume. Fruits are their favorite, so you cannot keep those open. It is very harmful to people who sell crops and fruits. They suffer serious financial loss.

Cut wires

If squirrels infest your house, they will cut all the wires with their sharp teeth. It can lead to serious accidents if not fixed immediately.

Damage water pipes

Squirrels can damage our water pipes. Sometimes, they use these pipes to enter the house and make a nest there. It will damage your pipes. Moreover, they can make holes in pipes, which will damage the drainage system.

Cut furniture

Squirrels chew whatever they find. Wooden furniture is their favorite. If they enter your house, they will cut and make holes in your furniture and cause irreparable damages.

Damage chimney

A chimney is another place where squirrels make their nest and breed. They climb down the chimney pipe and make a nest on the pile of woods. The nest will block the chimney pipe, which can cause a fire breakout.

Damage your attic

Attics are the best hiding place for squirrels. Those are easily accessible and empty most of the time. So, they start breeding in the attic and damage the shade, AC duct, and furniture.

Spread diseases

The most dangerous thing about squirrels is that they carry many diseases. They can spread tularemia, typhus, ringworm, and plague. These are very serious diseases that can cause serious life threats.

These are all the damages squirrel infestation can cause. If grown in numbers, then professional pest controllers can keep active rodents away and make your house squirrel-proof.

How to keep squirrels away from the house?

Keeping squirrels away can be difficult if you have open food and water sources. But here are some tips that will help you to remove squirrels;

Cut tree branches

Squirrels usually enter our house through tree branches that are near our windows. So, if you cut those branches, they will not be able to reach the windows or roof.

Remove all food sources

Food attracts squirrels. So, you need to cover all food sources. One of the commonest food sources for squirrels is the bird feeder. So, make sure that you keep seeds disliked by squirrels in the feeder.

Use net or fence

If you have a yard, use a fence to keep the squirrels away. For windows, you can use nets. Thus, they will fail to enter your yard and house.

Use squirrel repeller

Squirrels hate the strong smell of spice. So, if you want them to stay away from your property, spread some black pepper around your house and yard. Thus, no squirrel will come near your home.

Keep your house clean

Squirrels hide in your attic because you do not keep the room clean. When you clean your attic regularly, there will be no hiding place for squirrels, and they will leave the house.


Having a pet cat or dog can keep your house safe from squirrels. They will find and chase squirrels till they are gone.


Any type of infestation is harmful to your house. Be it rodents or squirrels, you need to take immediate steps to remove them. If you cannot control them, call professionals. They will visit your house and take the necessary steps for complete removal. Only after making your house free from pests can you enjoy peaceful, safe, and hygienic living.

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