Useful Tips to Help You Buy Authentic Salt Lamps

People have started appreciating how unique and aesthetically pleasing rock salt lamps are. Not only do they add beauty to your household, but they are also rumored to be good for positive vibes. Therefore, a lot of websites have started offering Himalayan salt lamps at mouth-watering prices.

However, looks can be deceiving. Often, salt lamps that look like the real deal can be anything but. Fakes are being mass-produced to capitalize on the increasing market demand and are being pretentiously sold off as authentic. These can often have sizeable amounts of lead in them which harmful for health.

Regardless, a few simple tricks and tips will save you a lot of trouble differentiating between fake and real salt lamps. (read more about Himalayan salt lamps)

The Difference in Pricing

You might come across advertisements on the internet for crystal salt lamps at noticeably cheap prices. Unfortunately, this is a telltale sign that the lamp is a fake. You have to keep the following in mind. The process of mining and then creating Himalayan salt lamps is an expensive one. After all, the Himalayas are treacherous and mining in such a landscape is certainly not easy.

You also have to pay heed to transportation costs because these mines are in very remote areas. Simply put, if you come across a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is.

The Difference in Light

The light exuding from within these lamps should be dull and jaded. This is because real salt lamps refract light due to its crystallized structure.

These lamps are not meant to light up the house. You may have noticed that people normally use rock lamps for night lights. This is because the faint glow that emanates from them makes it ideal for the night. Moreover, the light is primarily a pink or orange glow.

Therefore, if you see a lamp in an advertisement that gives off a bright light, beware. That alleged Himalayan salt lamp is a fake.  

Difference in Color

You may also come across online adverts where the salt lamps are either white or of uniform color. You can dismiss these lamps as fakes straight away. This is because real salt lamps are not of a uniform color. Authentic rock salt lamps are primarily variations or combinations of pink and orange. In certain cases, they may also have minimal white streaks on them.

Lastly, in extremely rare cases, you may come across a white crystal salt lamp that is authentic. However, these lamps are ridiculously expensive. This is because pure white rock salt is extremely rare and is usually found in the lower depths of mines. This makes it harder to mine and harder to find. 

The Difference in Shine and Brightness of Lamps

You must also keep in mind that authentic crystal salt lamps do not reflect light. In fact, as mentioned above, they refract light. Therefore, they will not have a glossy exterior. This is in stark contrast to fake imitation salt lamps. Such fakes have glistening surfaces and are smooth to the touch. These are obvious clues through which you can easily decipher that such lamps are fake.

The Durability of Real vs Fake Salt Lamps

Real salt lamps are often quite brittle. After all, they are essentially raw mineral that has been compounded into various shapes and forms.  Therefore, they come with sturdy packaging to protect them from damage. Simply put, if you come across an online vendor promising extremely durable salt lamps, it is most likely not authentic. 

Most Importantly, Difference in Source of Lamps

The salt for these lamps is often sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas situated in Northern Pakistan. If the vendor claims otherwise, it is most definitely a fake. Additionally, if you cannot find any mention of the salt source, then once again, it is most likely a fake.

Reaction to Moisture

If you buy a crystal salt lamp online that does not react to moisture, return it immediately. This is because salt sweats when it comes in contact with water. It will show signs of weeping and deterioration.

In humid conditions, you may also notice that small dew like droplets of water form on the lamps. If this happens, then rest assured. Your Himalayan salt lamp is indeed real. This is because rock salt is hygroscopic. In simpler terms, it attracts moisture and this enables moisture to settle on it in the form of droplets.

On the other hand, the same will not happen to fakes. They will remain dry and steely. Fakes will most likely remain solid even if placed under flowing water.

Size And Weight

You will find that even the smallest of rock salt lamps are quite heavy. This is because the composite structure of rock salt is quite dense. Therefore, if the salt lamp is large but light, you can immediately brand it a terrible fake. This is because imitation salt is quite lightweight and not as dense as rock salt. 

Reviews of People About the Product

If you come across positive reviews for the product, it is safer to assume that is an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. You can also look for descriptions in the reviews regarding color, weight, and shininess. This will offer clues as to whether the product is authentic or fake.


In conclusion, there are quite a few clues that can direct you towards an authentic rock salt lamp. Some of them are visible online while others can only be ascertained with a physical examination. Therefore, you should make sure that the product has a good return policy in case it does turn out to be fake.

Additionally, online vendors who are confident in the authenticity of their product will offer a decent return policy.

Lastly, you can always make your life easy and click here to check out real salt lamps. This will circumvent the painstaking and tiresome inspection process that you may have to go through with other vendors.

The long list of positive reviews can vouch for the authenticity of their lamps. Additionally, with expedited shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of your Himalayan Salt lamps in no time at all.

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