Top Must Try Meal Replacement Shakes

Supporting your health and fitness goals with a diet is of the paramount essence. If it is possible to achieve the process by purely eating a balanced diet without meal replacement or supplements, it is always an added advantage.

However, for people who have back-to-back schedules, meal replacement shakes provide an easy way of achieving nutritional goals. Substituting a meal or two with these supplements can work wonders towards achieving your diet goals.

They also provide a healthy solution when on the move. But before choosing any meal replacement shakes, you should figure out, which formula is the right one for you.

In this regard, let’s explore top meal replacement shakes.

310 Nutrition

The 310 Organic Shake checks all the boxes when it comes to a meal replacement shake with rich taste, creamy texture and an interesting variety of crave-worthy flavors to choose from. 310 Shake Reviews are stellar!

The 310 Shake offers a great solution for those seeking a low calorie, clean nutrition meal replacement option that is sugar-free without sacrificing taste.  With only 2 net carbs, 1 gram saturated fat and 15g of fiber-rich plant-based protein from Brown Rice, Pea, and pumpkin protein – it’s ideal for anyone wanting to follow a healthy weight management or weight loss program. The easy-to-mix feature makes it perfect for a healthy grab and go meal or snack on the run.

310 has formulated their Shake to meet the demands of those following a gluten free, keto and vegan diet.

Chocolate Meal

The Chocolate-Flavored Meal replacement shake from Cute Nutrition has low calories and is designed for women who want to look and feel good. The products are geared to aid people who want to lose weight.

By substituting one or two meals a day with this chocolate-flavored shake coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercises, you’re likely to achieve your weight loss goals in no time. The content of the shake includes vitamins and a blend of minerals that replicates the health benefits of the meal replaced.

For every 35 grams of the shake you consume, you benefit from 1.9 grams of fat, 10.5 grams of protein, and 17.4 grams of carbohydrate. The formula is great for satisfying your sweet cravings while controlling the calorie intake

More importantly, it comes in a myriad of flavors such as Chocolate, Cherry Cheesecake, Strawberry, and Vanilla just to mention a few.

HLTH Code Complete Meal

With just two scoops of this shake, you stand to gain 400 calories. The breakdown of the calories includes 13 grams of carbohydrates, 27 grams of protein, and fat. Even better, the nutrition formula integrates 25 essential vitamins and minerals, which include Selenium, vitamin D, E, and K, Copper, Zinc, and many more.

With many years of research on the product, HLTH Code is tailored to deliver more than just the essentials, but also provide a perfect way to replace a meal. Remember, the shake comes in two flavors—Creamy Vanilla and Macadamia.

Garden of Life

This meal replacement shake is a perfect option for athletes. Two scoops of the nutritional formula deliver 240 calories, which can be broken down into 17g of carbohydrates and 40g of proteins.

The good thing with Garden of Life is that it packs only 2g of sugar. And with a myriad of vitamins and minerals, the formula helps to keep athletes in shape while meeting their nutritional needs.

SCI-MX Nutrition

SCI-MX Nutrition is a true friend in your weight loss undertakings. With added diet, the shake provides tailored solutions for your meal replacement needs. It consists of VIT-MIX, CLA, green tea, which helps you to stay energized for hours.

Each serving of this formula contains at least 30% of your daily vitamin and mineral requirement, which makes it a complete meal replacement shake. Two scoops of SCI-MX Nutrition contain 1.7g conjugated linoleic acid, 25g proteins, which are packed in 200 calories.

Together with exercising, if you replace at least one or two meals with this nutritional formula, you get to burn fat fast while achieving your toning goals. The shake comes in different flavors, which include chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.


Just as the name suggests, the meal replacement diet shake is high in proteins. It is designed for weight loss while providing the needed nutrition value.

Two scoops of TheProteinWorks consist of 250 calories, which pack 20g of protein and high-fiber carbohydrates, which keeps you full for many hours.

The shake is vegan-friendly and prides itself on a wide range of mineral blends and special vitamins. Whether it’s Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin B12, D3, or calcium you wish to supplement, TheProteinWorks should be your low-fat meal replacement diet shake of choice with over 5 flavors to choose from.

Chocolate Premier Protein

These shakes integrate 30 grams of protein and one gram of sugar, packed in 160 calories nutrition formula. Apart from providing the essential nutrients, Premier Protein have a good taste, which is not the case with other meal replacement diet shake.

They are portable and provide a good way to achieve your diet objectives on the move. Whether it’s a quick breakfast you need or to rejuvenate post your workout schedule, Premier Protein is an incredible meal replacement diet that will never disappoint.


SlimZest provides an easy way to lose weight. The nutritional formula contains 27 carefully selected minerals and vitamins. With Vitamin B6 & B12, the complete meal replacement shake plays a crucial role in energy-yielding metabolism.

Zinc, magnesium, and iron present in the shake are good for your skin, bones, and muscles. Each serving in this nutritional formula delivers 114 calories. More importantly, it’s packed with high protein. When you replace a meal with this shake, you stand to stay fuller for longer while attaining your weight loss objective.

SlimZest comes in four flavors, which include chocolate, succulent, banana blast, and vanilla to satisfy your sweet cravings.


This a high-quality and natural meal replacement shake that comes with a simple recipe. It integrates soya, natural honey, and premium yogurt. The main objective to come up with Almased, was to get a shake sourced from natural ingredients. And in this regard, the product doesn’t contain fillers, sweeteners, flavorings, or preservatives.

Even better, the product contains high-quality protein derived from soya combined with the right ratio of carbohydrates from yogurt, to ensure that you’re not consuming empty calories.

Another interesting fact is that the shake is gluten-free and is vegetarian-friendly. Almased is a recommended diet for people suffering from diabetes. This is because it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar as many meal replacement diet shakes do.

It is a great remedy for people with diabetes who are looking to lose weight.

Iconic Protein Drinks

Iconic Protein Drinks are shakes that come with low sugar but high fiber. Each serving contains 20g of grass-fed casein milk protein and whey. Even better, the product is lactose-free. According to experts, it’s also gluten-free, hormone and antibiotic-free, and contains no artificial sweeteners.

This nutritional drink can act as a good meal replacement shake during breakfast and keeps you full for many hours while helping you achieve your nutritional goals.

Huel-Powder v3.0

This is amongst the top meal replacement shakes in the industry. The complete meal replacement formula contains high protein with each serving delivering 29g of proteins, which are sourced from plant-based ingredients.

Huel integrates a well-balanced mix of essential fats, Kombucha, carbs, fiber, protein, pre and probiotics, minerals, and 26 essential vitamins. The carbs in the shake are released slowly so you stay energized for many hours.

Omega 3 and in 6 Huel-Powder v3.0 are crucial for the overall growth of the brain and lowering of blood pressure. To put the icing on the cake, the product is friendly to vegetarians and comes in a wide range of flavors, which include banana, chocolate, coffee, berry, mint-chocolate, and you can also buy unflavored ones.


The shake combines naturally occurring nutrition and real food ingredients. It provides a natural and healthy way to keep in shape while meeting your nutritional goals. Purition integrates pistachios, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and strawberries.

This product is packed with energy, it’s gluten-free, and it is friendly to vegetarians. Even better, the shake doesn’t have annoying additives. It is a 100% plant-based shake, which comes in different flavors, which include vanilla, strawberry, blackcurrant, almond, beetroot, hemp chocolate, pistachio, chocolate, and many more.


SlimFast integrates 230 calories of energy and two scoops deliver 15 grams of protein. It is a great source of fiber, a feature that helps the product keep you full for many hours. The shakes don’t contain any added sugar.

Furthermore, the high-protein nutritional supplement contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving caters to 1/3 of your daily nutrient needs. When using the formula to lose weight, it is recommended you replace at least 1 or 2 meals with the shake.

SlimFast comes in a variety of flavors, which include caramel, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. If you are looking for an affordable meal replacement diet shake, SlimFast never disappoints.

StripFast 5000

This meal replacement shake is great for both men and women. Each serving comes with 21g of protein plus 27 essential vitamins, which are crucial for whole-body support. The shake has low calories of 135, which is crucial for weight loss.

Even better, the product is free of GMOs. Some of the options you can choose from include but are not limited to vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana.

You can substitute the shake for both lunch and breakfast and still enjoy the same great experience of a good meal.

Bottom Line

Meal replacement shakes provide a great way of keeping you fit while achieving your diet needs. All you need to do is choose a formula that works best for you.

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