Things You Can Wear While Paddle Boarding

Summer is also just right around the corner, so reserving some relaxation sessions with your friends or loved ones is also a great idea. When the sun is out, it’s fun to do some water activities to beat the heat. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing are just a few to name. But aside from these amazing activities, there is one that can keep your beach bucket-list complete.

Paddleboarding is one of the few water activities any age from young to old can enjoy. Kids, adults, and even the young at heart can do this without a sweat. It is like surfing and boating mixed, but instead, you use a wider board and a longer paddle.

Social media influencers and celebrity athletes have been doing this type of leisure activity. Aside from it looking comfortable, it also adds aesthetics to your getaway. And to achieve this safe, trendy and fun experience, here are some of the best things that you can wear.

1. Shorts

You can wear various types of shorts can when paddleboarding. This is just like swimming or surfing, but there are also instances where you can wear any fabric. The options can go around from board shorts, swimming trunks, rash guard materials, and even basketball shorts. The thing is, since you are mostly out of the water and just paddling for a short while, you can use any shorts you want.

How about denim? Yes, denim can be worn when paddleboarding, but there are instances where the fabric becomes heavy when you plunge yourself after a flip. This usually drags your body down the water and since denim is absorbent, it adds up to your usual weight. Try using a lighter type of denim to cover up your swimming underwear, in case you want to feel comfortable., for example, has the best and widest variety of shorts you can use in any of your desired sport. If paddleboarding is your passion, they also sell some related apparel.

2. Rash Guard

Rash guards are the usual type of swimwear that you can trust. If you are going to swim, surf, or dive, these are your best bet. The materials of this swimwear are high in quality, unlike the usual jersey material in basketball and other non-water sports. These have the least absorbent property for you to breathe in proper decorum when underwater.

The difference with the materials of rash guards from jersey is the ability to resist itch and sting. Wearing this is more preferred in areas where jellyfishes and other irritable living creatures are present. You can wear this whole, or avail some tops and bottoms in separate packaging.

3. Waterproof Wayfarers

If you are out and under the sun, putting on shades is always the best idea. Seawater can come sparkling under the sunlight and distracts your way from water activities. So when you are paddleboarding, wearing a pair of waterproof wayfarers can help you maneuver the board better.

Sometimes, you might feel that wayfarers can be more distracting than that of water reflection. It may come off quickly after a few movements, or they just darken your sight. This is called “photophobia”, or being sensitive to light. You may want to squint your eyes so that you can still see your way through paddling, and resist light in tolerating your eyes.

4. Waterproof Utility Hat

This type of hat is the best when it comes to water activities, outdoor activities, and even walking around the park. The brim of utility hats is like bucket hats. It goes all around your head to protect you from direct sunlight which damages your skin. The fun part is that you can wear it on any angle that you want, and you don’t have to worry about it on looking weird because of its 360-degree feature.

Unlike the usual snapbacks, these hats are made for the weather. Make sure to buy the waterproof version of this hat and you are good to go. You can also wear this with other casual clothing as this has become a trend nowadays.

5. Classic Bikinis

As a staple in swimwear, no one can ever go wrong with these. The sexy and comfortable feels for bikinis are near-to-skin and in-demand, which is why these come in outrageous designs and colors. If you are heading out for some paddleboard fun and a good refreshing swim after, plunge into these and you are more than ready for some action.

Aside from being a default swimwear, bikinis can be purchased at cheap prices. Rashguards, on the other hand, may provide security on the skin. Although, bikinis can be easier to wear but in certain circumstances. Some may use these in lake water, where there are fewer irritable living things.

6. Paddle Board Leash

Just like surfboards, you will need a paddleboard leash to remain intact with your material. Tipping off of a board can be much fun, but not in all cases where you need to recover from the fall. The leash allows you to track the board in a fast manner, allowing you to climb up easily as well. And since paddleboards are heavier and wider, it will still float once you capsize.

Paddleboards are also not the type of boards for extreme activities. As a piece of equipment for a relaxing experience, it is safer than surfing, thus making the leash a better asset.

7. Life Jacket

Whether you are in the ocean, the lake or the river, life jackets are the most necessary things that you should wear. Although a bit distracting when worn due to its puffed feature, this can save your life in an instant. In most dangerous water sports, wearing a life jacket is a priority and a requirement before doing such activities.

In paddleboarding, you still need to wear a life jacket. So when you go farther from the shore, you can ensure that even deep waters cannot suck you in and drown you.


Paddleboarding is a beneficial and relaxing activity that you can do with your family. It is less dangerous than surfing since it only requires zero to minimal waves. For starters, wearing these things can help you become more confident.

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