The Positives (and Negatives) of Living As A Digital Nomad

Living as a digital nomad is looked at as the ultimate experience by so many across the world, and is (unfortunately) nothing more than a dream for many.

It might seem unreachable and unrealistic for some people who don’t know anybody who has done it. It can also be intimidating. Living from place-to-place while working as you go? Who could dream up such an existence!

For those people who manage to do it successfully, it’s an experience they’ll never forget. Being able to visit new cities and countries around the world with nothing more than a backpack, a laptop, and a passport can offer them a sense of freedom that seems like they are on a permanent vacation.

Modern technology allows us to live as digital nomads more effectively than ever and many people make good money while doing it. With more companies adapting the remote working model, it opens the door for more people to consider the digital nomad life.

So, as someone who currently lives as a digital nomad, I wanted to address the positives and negatives associated with this lifestyle.


Below are three positives associated with living as a digital nomad:

The Adventure

The adventures and the excitement are unlike anything you’ll ever capture again. Your life is based on the idea of working as you move from one place to the next, and you benefit from doing it.

You’ll be able to tour a historic site you read about as a child by day, and earn money in the evenings. The rush that this provides is fulfilling and freeing.

The Freedom

Speaking of freeing: there truly is no freedom like not being tied down to a particular place. You can hop wherever you’d like and have no commitment of staying in any one place for long.

The world is literally your oyster and you are free to enjoy it as you’d like!

The Fulfillment

Life as a digital nomad can be summed up best as being the most fulfilling experience. Your personal and professional life merge in a perfect way that allows you to do as you please in any specific place that you’d like.

It’s the culmination of hard work, lots of planning, and many dreams coming true.


Below are three things that some may consider as negatives for living as a digital nomad:

The Possible Effects On Your Body

If you are consistently on the move and don’t give your body its needed rest, then you could see some very real fatigue. Many digital nomads are in such a hurry to see as much as they can and don’t want to waste a single day by relaxing, but they are only shooting themselves in the foot. The body needs rest – especially when travelling – and you’ll need to carve out some rest days.

From increased walking with a heavy backpack, to sitting and sleeping in uncomfortable places, your body can quickly feel the effects of living this type of life. Take care of yourself and slow down when needed. You do not want to negatively impact your body and how you feel.

The Lack of Routine

It can be extremely tough to build a routine when you are a digital nomad, especially if you own your own company like I do. Some people don’t do well without a schedule and really struggle to get things done with no pattern.

My tip for those people who prosper through a routine is to create your own. Plan your travel time around it and get your work done first before anything else.

The Stress of Balancing

The pull of new adventures can be very strong but you’ll need strong will power to put your work first. Some days, when you’d rather be exploring, you’ll need to stay put and get some work done in order to succeed.

Some people are unable to balance work and fun, but it’s imperative to do so when living as a digital nomad.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that everyone handles the digital nomad lifestyle differently, because of their past experiences and expectations. But everyone can live successfully as a digital nomad if they give it a fair chance and prepare in the correct way.

My #1 tip is to expect and prepare for the negatives, as well as the positives. There will be days where you feel unprepared for work and where you will need to prioritize your professional life over your personal life. There will be days where you’d just rather be home, rather than halfway around the world in a strange city. These are common developments and it’s all about how you react. If you can take a breath, clear your head, and start fresh, then you’ll be able to jump over the hurdles and just enjoy the way of living.

If you succumb to these early emotions and make brass decisions, then you might struggle to really grasp the way of life as a digital nomad.

Too many people think living is a digital nomad will be all positive, with no negative, and that’s just not the case. Prepare for both, expect the negatives, and soak in the positives as they come. If you can do this, you’ll be just fine!

This article is contributed by Donny Gamble.

Donny Gamble is an Online Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, and World Traveler who is constantly on the move, living and working as a digital nomad. While traveling, he has run successful companies, including Retirement Investments and ConsumerStash, which are his latest creations.

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