The Importance of Insurance for Fitness Trainers

The past two decades have seen a spurt in the number of people opting for alternative career options. Gone are the days when people used to opt for careers related to engineering, medicine and law. The youth these days are opting for alternative careers in art, fitness, athletics, graphics, and even design. The crux of the matter – what were unconventional careers in the 90s are now being readily opted for, by the people.

There has been specifically a rise in people going towards athletics, sports medicine and fitness trainers. A lot of trainers and instructors are also moving into the realm of fitness.

The rise in the number of fitness trainers has to do with the simple economics of demand and supply. Numerous people become health conscious and ‘fitness freaks’ with each passing day. People are starting to realise the importance of health and weight management. The number of gym subscriptions has also begun to increase.

Consequently, this has resulted in a rise in the demand for qualified and certified fitness trainers and coaches.

Fitness instructors train, motivate and help people achieve their fitness goals and attain a healthy lifestyle. A gym or a fitness centre is their office, and open spaces are their work desks. It is that profession where working out and staying fit is a part of the job. Their body is their daily bread.

Clients look up to these fitness trainers to become fit; become and look like them.

Why do you need trainer insurance?

Unlike other professions, your body and your physique is your CV; you don’t need a piece of paper to carry it. That is why you need to take all possible steps to protect your body at all costs. Any harm to it could result in a loss of livelihood.

Personal trainer insurance may come in handy to help safeguard your job and your body.

Personal trainer insurance provides you with risk cover to protect you financially in case of loss or claim/allegation.

How to choose the right insurance as a fitness trainer?

Look for a comprehensive plan

A comprehensive coverage plan will keep you insured for both professional and general risks. It should include all risks that come with your category of a profession. It should be reliable enough to help you when you need it. It should give you all the benefits along with a low premium and high return or sum assured. It is not necessary that you ought to go for the most expensive insurance plan. Hence, choose personal trainer insurance which is wholesome, comprehensive and all-inclusive.

Understand the fine print of the policy

It goes without saying for all insurance policies and fitness trainers. Read, read and re-read the insurance policy being offered to you by your agent. Read the fine print of the policy to understand the policy. You could also take the help of a professional or an experienced lawyer to help you understand the jargon, technical terms and minor clauses in the policy.

The insurance company can use highly technical terms to try and confuse you or mislead you. Going through the fine print will help you steer clear of these things.

All training services offered by you should be covered

Your work requires you to engage in a range of different activities. Therefore, you should ensure that the insurance policy you are opting for covers all the services offered by you. For instance, if you hold expertise in weight training, it does not mean that the insurance you buy should only cover weight training. It should include a host of other activities like aerobics, Zumba, yoga, cardio, freestyle exercises, among many others.

Check for supplementary coverage benefits

Insurance policies offer many benefits and perks like freebies and additional top-ups. Your ideal choice for an insurance policy as a fitness trainer should provide you with these perks. Ideally, your insurance policy should give you no-claim bonuses which can be extremely helpful when you face a cash crunch.

It could include coverage for the rental space of the fitness centre, or give tech and IT support.

Little freebies like these let you know that the insurance company cares about you and is not just selling an insurance policy to any other customer. Not to mention, your return on investment will be higher.

Protection from claims and allegations by clients

Also known as public liability insurance, it is a must-have for a fitness trainer looking for an insurance policy. Public liability insurances protect you from all the legal expenses in case a client of yours tries to sue you or puts allegations.

The client could have any motivation to sue you – from getting injured under your training to assault. Public liability insurance will help you weather the legal costs and settle claims without hurting your personal finances.

Insurance for fitness equipment

When you are a fitness trainer who owns a fitness centre or a gym, your equipment is very close to you. Fitness equipment like treadmills, weight machines and dumbbells do not come cheap. Replacing these in the event of a disaster, accident, or theft can be an expensive affair.

That is why you need an insurance policy which covers the equipment in your gym as well. It will guarantee that replacing fitness equipment does not burn a hole in your pocket. The insurance should include both portable and non-portable equipment.

As a fitness trainer, your needs in life are very different than that of any other person. Your body, your equipment is your most significant treasure.

To protect yourself against a host of vulnerable circumstances and diseases, it may also make sense to consider health insurance plans that safeguard you from most illnesses. At the end of the day, keep this golden rule in mind – this policy should provide you with 100% coverage and help you overcome the worst adversities.

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