The Art of Keeping True Love Alive and Adventurous

Here we speak about love and relations and how it is a fact that it does really stick and last, When you find pure love, you just can’t ignore it. We will help you to know how exactly to tackle your:

  • Companionhood
  • Trust
  • Affection

Eventually, relationships tend to veer towards survival with each other. Yes, they can feel a little more boring than those first feelings of intense passion for each other, but all relationships HAVE to take this course naturally.

At the point when this happens, the deep affection shifts to caring love, which is the general feeling between married couples.

Was “lust” one aspect or a portion of it?

Lust is another thing that falsely feels like the feeling of love, but it is not. The first aspect of love is “an overwhelming attachment” to this other person. Specifically, love has certain components that are irreplaceable.

Loving is indeed the following combination:

1. Need: You love an individual and, for whatever specific reason, you need him or her.

2. Compensation: You love the person because they make up for what you don’t have.

3. Unconditional Love: You fully and without any doubt love the person.

You will, for instance, feel that you like that person such that your unconscious mind feels that you are in good rapport with the person whenever you are together.

Whereas real love is a mixture of these three elements, it must be remembered that it must eventually turn from need and reward to unconditional love. It promotes affection and paves the way for a good relationship.

How can’t some people, many years later, get over an ex?

This is because people tend to narrow their options and create imaginary boundaries.

These views are:

  • Assuming Destiny / Control Love: It only exists if it arises in an unconscious way to meet the psychological needs to accept true love.
  • The one myth: “The One” theory where people think that there is only one person who is meant for them when there are actually a lot of prospective partners that can meet your needs if they are able to afford them the chance.

Such convictions bother people as they feel that he or she is their true love. You close their doors and never get over your partner, for other potential lovers.

But that’s not right because it keeps them from finding others who can make them happy and create a fulfilling relationship.

Proof that couples in long-term relationships are still deeply in love

According to a study, people who have been together for more than 20 years still have the same deep love as in new relationships.

We all remember how euphoric it is to be in a new relationship – you can’t stop smiling, you can count the hours before you can look at them again–yeah, good news because that sensation is obviously not fading.

The findings are the same as in the early stages of their marriages with newbie lovebirds. But between the two samples, there were certain variations.

The couples who had embarked upon a new relationship showed activity within the brain that regulates anxiety and obsession, whereas the parts connected to calmness and pain were exercised more by long-term lovers.

And, what can we do in order to keep our love alive? Stay in touch. It may seem surprising, but researchers have found that couples who have changed their heads or have become occupied with sarcasm and criticism are more likely to be separated than those that are laughing and affectionate.

Ah, if this was just that simple!

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