Supplements for Muscle Growth and Strength

In this article, we’ll cover the top scientifically proven supplements for muscle growth and strength. If you are in-to strength training and you want to take your results to the next level, this article is very interesting for you. I myself have been experimenting for years with supplements for muscle growth and more muscle strength.

Incidentally, some of the supplements below work better when we use them in combination. This means that for best results it is recommended to use it together, rather than separately. Therefore most popular brands like Crazy Bulk offers range of legal steroids that work both individually and in combination. With that said, let’s have look at top supplements for muscle growth.

Carbohydrates and Proteins

Not really good, because these aren’t actually supplements. This is just the basics. It is so important (and proven) for an increase in muscle mass and strength that I dedicate the first point to it. Even if there is only one tip that you will apply in your life for more muscle building and fitness performance. Carbohydrates, especially the fast sugars, are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. An insulin peak follows. This ensures that more energy is available (in the form of glucose) for the body. This improves physical performance.

That’s why you often see athletes taking sips of sugary drinks during their sports session. It is a direct form of fuel. The less carbohydrates and sugars you normally eat during your “normal” diet; the more effective it works for you if you  take fast sugars during your workout. Just like creatine, carbohydrates are a source of energy for your muscles. A study has even shown that a serving of 50 – 75 grams of carbohydrates has the same effect as 5 grams of creatine before a workout.


Nitrates are found in green leafy vegetables and red beets. Nitrates are broken down into nitrites, which in turn flow throughout the body. When the body needs it, the nitrites are converted to nitrogen oxide (NO). It offers various benefits if the NO content in our body is higher during a workout or other form of sport.

Taking supplements with nitrates has several positive effects on both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Think of improved blood flow and fitness performance such as more endurance and strength. Nitrates also provide a faster recovery time between sets and exercises. This allows you to achieve more in a shorter time.


Caffeine is very popular. Coffee and tea are among the most consumed drinks on the planet. The substance caffeine in coffee and tea has a stimulating effect. It increases the activity of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline. This ensures that you are more alert and experience more energy. Due to the elevation of certain neurotransmitters, caffeine acts as an excellent supplement for muscle growth and strength. It helps you lift more weight in the gym. It also improves your mood. You may still recognize the euphoric feelings of your first cup of coffee. 

Or not of course. However, the use of caffeine is drastically abused these days. Many people tap away about 10 cups a day. If not more. And due to this overuse, the stimulating effects are less and less. The key to using caffeine as a successful  supplement for increased muscle mass and fitness performance is therefore not continuous, but rather through alternating use. It is absolutely advisable to insert (short) periods of no caffeine consumption at all. This makes the effects many times greater once you do use caffeine again.


Beta Alanine is an amino acid. I’m going to tell a short technical story. If you can’t follow me, no problem. It does not matter, but it is important to clarify the effect of beta-alanine. If you take beta-alanine it binds to another amino acid: L-Histidine. These two form a compound called ‘Carnosine’. Remember producing lactic acid in the muscles during intense exercise? Carnosine will act as a kind of buffer for the lactic acid, so you can go a little longer before the muscle ‘fails’.

Briefly; beta-alanine provides more (muscle) condition. Beta-alanine ONLY works with exercises where you feel the lactic acid after a minute  of performing the exercises. In other words, short exercises of less than a minute are not improved by beta-alanine. Athletes and athletes who exercise for between 60 and 240 seconds benefit most from beta-alanine supplements.


Creatine increases the muscles’ ability to deal with targeted stress, such as lifting weights. This supplement has been thoroughly researched. It turns out to be safe for use time and time again. Creatine has also been shown to contribute drastically to increased fitness performance and build muscle mass. The great thing about the muscles is that they first use up the creatine, before switching to glucose burning. So if you have more creatine in your muscle cells,  you can keep it up a little longer. You get a little more condition during weightlifting.

If you are just starting to take creatine, you will notice that you gain a little more water weight. But these side effects and any disadvantages (such as a somewhat drier mouth) do not outweigh the gigantic benefits of creatine. I myself noticed a haze of excited and impatient feelings with certain types of creatine. It may sound strange, but with the cheapest form of creatine I had no more problems with that.


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) consists of a chain of amino acids. Now it gets interesting. BCAAs are highly recommended by fitness marketers and well-known magazines such as Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness. Research shows that BCAAs do play a role in building muscle mass. After all, if you take protein, you generally get BCAAs naturally. However, it turns out that BCAAs have a negligible effect on your performance in the gym. You might as well take a good dose of protein before starting your workout. And that works even better since more amino acids are involved.

Incidentally, it has been shown that BCAAs can be useful for people who train less than 2 hours. At that moment it mainly helps with the cognitive part (the drive). It is less exhausted. Furthermore, it has no added value to take BCAAs before, during or after your workout.

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