Smart Home Gym vs Personal Trainer: What’s Better?

It doesn’t matter which workout method you choose to achieve your workout goal. You can become successful if you’re determined enough.

Are you planning to start working out but don’t know which one is perfect for you: smart home gym or personal trainer?

If yes, welcome.

In this article, I will share important information about smart home gyms versus personal trainers. It will help you choose between these two workout methods

So, let’s begin the comparison.

1 – Smart Home Gym

Benefits of Smart home gym

The smart home gym has a lot of benefits and here are a few of them;

Fresh techniques and More choices

What if I asked you how many types of workouts can you perform?

Your answer will invariably be a limited number of workouts, not every workout. This is natural for every human being. It is almost impossible to learn everything for a human being. Moreover, a human trainer can’t invent more workout methods.

Here’s where smart home gyms come into the game. It has tons of variety and options. It is difficult to find which workouts it doesn’t have. On the other hand, they also have all types of “trainers” who are well-versed with workouts. And they invent new workout methods regularly.  

With the smart home gym, you will get fresh and newly invented techniques regularly. Furthermore, you have more options to choose from. You can go with a trainer or with pre-workout instructions. 

Benefits of both personal trainer and AI in one place

If you workout with a personal trainer, you only get the benefits of a personal trainer. On the other hand, with a smart home gym, you will benefit from a personal trainer and AI. AI recommendations from the smart home gym are known to be very effective.  

Less monthly fees

When it comes to cost-effectiveness smart home gym is much better than a personal trainer. Most smart home gyms cost an average of $40 per month. Even now, Apple’s Fitness+ costs just $9.99 per month.

Is it possible to get a personal trainer at this price?



Smart home gyms are the latest invention of the modern world. And new technology is adding to it day by day. It means smart home gyms will improve day by day. Moreover, now it has become possible to connect and control smart home gyms with the smartphone. 

Workout from anywhere

With smart home gyms, you don’t need to be present with your trainer anymore. It doesn’t matter where you place your gyms; you can perform your workout without facing any issues.

Workout on your own schedule

If you workout in a traditional gym, you just need to maintain a tight routine. If you delay for a day, you will miss that day’s workout because your trainer won’t wait for you. On the other hand, having a smart home gym, you’re your own boss. You can decide when you want to workout. It’s your choice; choose your workout time at 11 AM or 11 PM.

Takes limited space

We know how much space is important in the city area. It is even impossible to set up a traditional personal gym in the city. But with the smart home gym, this dream can come true. You can make your own personal gym in your apartment with the smart home gym, as it doesn’t take too much space (you can make a complete smart home gym in a medium-sized room).

Disadvantages of smart home gym

Besides a lot of pros, the smart home gym also has some cons, and they are:

The virtual trainer can’t track exactly what you are doing

When you workout with a smart home gym, there is no one beside you to check your performance exactly. You may pause the workout and spend some time on your mobile phone, without anyone noticing and complaining about it.

Room for cheating

It’s easy to cheat, get lazy, and end up getting distracted without the oversight of a qualified trainer.

Large one-time investment needed

How much does it cost if you want to join a traditional gym? Maybe $100 or $200. But to set up a smart home gym, you will need a few thousand bucks up front.

Tonal vs. Tempo: comparison between two smart home gym

To help you understand smart home gyms better, I will show a short comparison between Tonal vs Tempo. These are the best smart home gyms currently available in the market. If you want to buy one, then you can choose one from them.

  • Both Tonal and Tempo provides real-time health checks
  • Tempo provides 300lb weigh resistance for weight training compared to Tonal’s 100lb
  • Tempo provides live classes, and Tonal doesn’t
  • Tonal is more expensive than Tempo
  • Tempo’s leaderboard allows checking performance with other people

I hope this short comparison helps you to understand smart home gym more.

2 – Personal Trainer

Benefits of the personal trainer

Here are some personal training benefits that make the personal trainer a great choice. 

A personal trainer can recommend exactly what you need

The personal trainer always stays with you and keeps an eye on your workout. And personal trainer checks your workout and recommends your exact needs.

There is someone with you to motivate you

Do you know what the number one thing for workout success is?

It is motivation.

And a personal trainer does this exactly. A personal trainer motivates you every day on every step. This is what makes the real difference between a personal trainer and a smart home gym.

Always keeps eyes on your workout and recommend changes

Everyone’s capability is not the same. Thus, we need a specific technique for individual persons. A personal trainer checks out your workout and makes the required changes to get your desired results.

The disadvantage of personal training

Besides benefits, the personal trainer has some cons also, and they are;


A personal trainer is costly compared to a smart home gym. $50 per day and three days per week may cost you $650 per month. It is more expensive than the smart home gym.  

Personality problem

A personal trainer’s personality differs from person to person. You may find someone who is rude, and you may not like his approach. On the other hand, you may find someone who is helpful. It means there is no guarantee that you will find a perfect personal trainer.

Final Word

Now, it is time to say which one is really better. Actually, smart home gyms and personal trainers both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each one works best for a specific situation. So, choose which one works best for you.   

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