Six Incredible Ways to Stay Fit While Travelling

We all travel.

Regardless why we move, whether for business trips, education opportunities, pleasure, vacation, or convention, we all depart from our comfort places to visit other locations. It might also be a quick journey to the next town over for a massive adventure or a business conference halfway around the world for a period of time. The change in schedule can throw off anyone’s fitness routine.  No matter what kind of journey it is, one thing is certainly true of these many things:

If you are the type that loves breakfast been done yourself, you suddenly find out you have no kitchen of your own.

Your day-to-day routines change completely when traveling.

Running around in your neighborhood becomes strange; there are no familiar paths again. You, for a while, get no access to gym and workouts equipment.

Sleeping at odd hours creep in, you no longer get used to the good nights so to say.

We are creatures of great routines; we are used to what we do every day, where we go, what we eat, which kind of weather we are exposed to. However, we go overseas for trip or vacation; there could be a change in our fitness. Luckily, the article is aimed to help you stay fit on whatever trip you are. It is time to be serious about your fitness plan for your next trip.

What should you do?

1. Try to Get at Least 8 Hours of Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleeping? Some people can’t do without sleep. But sleeping is not just ideal; sleeping well for longer hours is advised. You should in all sincerity make time for sleep because it can help you stay fit while traveling. How? Well, for newcomers, you’d have the energy to do physical activities like outings, workouts and more all day, and an added bonus is that you also burn calories when you sleep. Also, sleep deprivation weakens the immune system and make it more vulnerable to developing an illness. Sleep, therefore, produces more natural levels of melatonin that restores the immune system.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your Immune system warriors need good and regular nourishment. You are advised to eat high-protein, low carb meals, and fiber contained meals which are easy to digest, with plenty of fresh veggies. Like any fighting force, the immune system capitalizes on your stomach.

Take extra Vitamin C to boost your immune system too.

Drink at least 8 glasses of 8 oz of water per day.  Rehydrate with water, not soda, while traveling. What should I eat while I’m traveling overseas?

3. Pack a workout

While packing your bags and luggage, remember to pack a resistance band, a jump rope, and a polar heart rate monitor. They are the most time efficient travel workout tools. Using the polar heart rate monitor to work in your max fat-burning area saves you time – a 10-minute workout in your maximum area can do as much good as an hour on the treadmill.

It’s a great exercise if you’re craving an intense work out on a limited amount of time plus you don’t have to leave your room. Exercises like these includes

Burpees, Push-ups, Mountain Climbers, Sit-ups, 45-second Plank, Tricep Dips, Squat Jumps.

4. Walk the town

What ‘s better than the experience of walking the city? Do you really need to take a cab for a 4-5 minute’s walk?  Walk and burn some fats, and while you’re at it, stop and take a look at the environment, the many wonderful flowers. Lovely, isn’t it? Ask staffs around for some sights you can go to see. Always make it a rule to have a walk. Unless it is late at night or it is unsafe to walk in the neighborhood, there isn’t any reason you should not take a walk.

5. Every hotel/vacation rental has a fitness center

In picking a hotel or a vacation rental or somewhere to stay, ensure you pick somewhere you can actually work out. Getting a hotel or hotel room with fitness or workout equipment greatly maximize your time. If you only schedule a particular time to get in and workout, you are sure you’d be right on time.

6. Sports

If your destination is near a body of water, laying on the beach and relaxing is lovely. Think of something creative you can do. Swimming lap significantly works the full body. If you don’t like water bodies or you are more of the land person, try running on the beach in the sand and get yourself in for a challenge, switch it up by running through the water.

The sinking sand and water resistance tend to create more intensity. You should think about adding physical water sports too. This would help your metabolism and it would get your muscles pumping.

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