Should I Workout With Someone Else – or Alone?

Working out is an activity that means many different things to many different people.

Everyone looks at the act of working out in a different way and it provides something else for them – aside from obvious physical benefits. To some it’s a time to socialize and connect with someone else. For others, it’s a time to get away.

Let’s look at the benefits of each:

Working Out Alone

For many people around the world, working out is a time to get away and clear their head. Working out alone allows you to steer your thoughts in whatever direction you’d like and lets you get away from any obvious stresses that may be hanging around in your mind.

Working out alone can be more effective and allows you to get lost in what you’re doing without distraction from conversation with someone else. For me, working out alone allows me to reflect on the personal progress I have made in life – both professional and personal – and leaves me in a better place than I was mentally when the workout is over.

Life can be so busy and full off interaction, that an hour or so inside your own head can serve as a great way to connect with yourself on a personal level.

Other Benefits of Working Alone:

  • Listen to Something. I think the biggest benefit of working out alone – aside from being alone with yourself – is having the ability to listen to a podcast or some music. I am always turning on something that motivates me or fires me up and it’s a big part of my workout. When I worked out with some else, I just couldn’t do this.
  • Work Out Whenever. Who likes scheduling anything with other people, let alone workouts. If you work out alone, just grab your gym bag and go. The weight room is your oyster.
  • Where you Work Out. Tired of that same old fitness center and want to go somewhere different. If you are working out alone you have the freedom to go wherever you’d like. Change venues just like that whenever you want – you can’t beat that freedom.
  • What Workouts You Do. We all have our set regimen when in the gym but sometimes we feel like going off the book. Maybe we want to add some weight; maybe we want to eliminate one rep; maybe we want to do something entirely different. When you work out alone, you can do whatever you’d like, whenever you’d like.
  • Don’t Be Self-conscious. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working out, I still feel self-conscious about how I look, what I’m wearing, the workout I’m doing, my posture, and more. I don’t think I’ll ever be rid of it and I know others feel the same. If you choose to work out alone, you won’t feel as self-conscious and can begin to feel some freedom in the gym.

These positives are huge in convincing people to work out alone, no matter what level of fitness they are at. From beginner to expert, working out alone provides these benefits for everybody who decides to work out alone.

Working Out With Others

Obviously, working out with others also has its major benefits.

Working out can be quite hard for many people and another person as a work-out partner can serve as a way to keep you going. If they keep at it, and push you to keep at it, then you are both doing good by each other.

Other Benefits of Working Out With a Partner:

  • Motivation! Just like a workout partner can keep you going back to the gym, a workout partner can also serve as a great source of motivation. They’ll keep you going when you feel like quitting and will help you get that last rep in the air.
  • A Break From Your Life. Socializing and partaking in conversation while working out can serve as a great way to get away from your life and the stresses that might be involved in it. Make small talk while working out and watch as your brain drifts away from the negativity.
  • Learn New Things. If you are open to working out with new people, then you will broaden your scope of what you know. Every person can teach someone else about something in the fitness world and you’ll help yourself expand what you know about working out.

Working out with a partner can be a great option. If you are in your local fitness centre, then you will see other pairs pushing each other to keep going and socializing as they do it.

If you can find a great partner to workout with, then you’ll enjoy the perks of working out with someone and getting into a nice rhythm.

My Favorite Is…

I have outlined the positives of both working out alone, as well as working out with someone else in the text above and there certainly are benefits to both.

Personally for me, nothing beats working out alone and all of the benefits it provides. I love putting on my headphones and letting my mind drift from the stuff that has been stressing me out at work or in my personal life. Working out alone is sometimes the best part of my day and the distancing from people is something I look forward to all the time.

After working out by myself, I feel ready to take on the world and refreshed to jump back into civilization. It might only be an hour or so, but it really means the world of difference in the run of my day.

I’m not saying that working out with others is not enjoyable, but I (by far) enjoy the simplicity presented by working out by myself.

What I recommend is – if you are unsure of what type of workout is best for you – to try both and experiment with what you enjoy the most. Different people enjoy different things and it’s hard to pinpoint a certain method for each person. Maybe a bit of both is effective for some people as well!

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