Right Hemisphere V/S Left Hemisphere: An End to a Controversial Debate

There is an unending debate about which part of the brain deals with which task. In this blog, we will provide you with some insight into various different point-of-views which can expand your horizons about this issue. For example, do you also believe that the left side of the brain is involved in all the logical and rational tasks? In contrast, the right side is the center of creativity, and all the fabulous ideas that come to your mind are because of this magical chamber of your brain? If you agree with this notion, this blog will be really informative. So brace yourself to take a dive into the sea of information, some medical terms, and complex jargon. Don’t worry, we will make it a piece of cake for you to understand.

In the video “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor, it was suggested that both the cerebral hemispheres are responsible for various functions. The left hemisphere collects the information and provides the connections between multiple things. Furthermore, it is essential to prove something through the left hemisphere. For her, the right brain hemisphere dominance was a marvelous experience since she could assess all the sorts of energy around herself. However, on an ordinary day of her life, she came across various mind-blowing experiences and was equally disturbing because that did not make sense to her at the moment. Her vision became blurry, and her insights to differentiate reality from imagination were interrupted. She felt like she was a character from the movie “Walking life,” where every character was out of shape and abstract in different ways. Let’sLet’s learn about her take on her condition and thus compare it with the point-of-view contradicting that.

Her left side hemisphere mainly was silent, which was problematic, but at the same time, the entire experience was exceptionally worthy and happening. Everything around her happened in a peculiar way where she could not even recognize her own consciousness. Since there was a problem in her left hemisphere, only the right hemisphere was working, which was not enough for comprehension and logical reasoning. She could not remember the number for work and could not comprehend what the colleague said. She could not remember the numbers and did not recognize most of them. However, the creativity allotted to her brain due to the right hemisphere was still there, which made her match the number based on their shapes from a business card even if she could not recognize each digit. The entire phenomenon was studied through personal experience. Many times psychologists/ neurologists tend to administer the brain functioning through the help of behavioral changes. On the one hand, where this seems like a great way to provide an association between both, this approach also has several drawbacks. On the other hand, a connection between the brain and physical behavior should be provided after measuring the brain’s workings under an instrument like fMRI.

The video “The left brain vs. right brain myth” by Elizabeth Waters provides several ideas which tend to be different from the JBT’s video. Firstly, Taylor stated that she had an issue in the left hemisphere of her brain and thus provided all the behaviors associated with logical reasoning, calculations, memory, and recognition to be absent. Furthermore, all the things that she could do are mostly linked with the brain’s right hemisphere, e.g., being able to pay attention to the items outside the box, having a sense of creativity, etc.

However, the video by Waters states that associating logic to the left side of the brain and creativity to the right side of the brain is a myth. Despite the notion that the left hemisphere is associated with language and the right hemisphere is associated with attention being proper, the other functions could be poorly entitled. To reconcile the two videos, it should be noticed that Taylor was talking about her own experience. There could be various exceptions, for instance, the left hemisphere controlling some parts and not most. Furthermore, it should also be noticed that it was long ago. Taylor might have associated some things unintentionally, which affected how her brain wanted to remember what had happened.

Here is a point to ponder for you, if you are learning a new language which part of your brain might be responsible in this case? Give your brain a lil jog to have a healthy brain.

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