Quarantimes 2020: Startups in Setbacks

It is never too late to be what you might have been,” says an English Novelist George Eliot.

The 2020 pandemic has indeed caused delays and detours. Businesses were crashed, plans were canceled, goals and dreams were shattered, and many lost their jobs.

Because things went wrong, you might be thinking that there’s nowhere to go. But hold up, this is the perfect time for your preparation, new learning, and relearning.

Not ready for work? Gear up yourself. Want to learn? Discover new things.

Now’s the time – take advantage of the delays and detours you are experiencing.

Your future depends on what you do today.


There is more to life than the crisis today. Just because hope is hard to find, doesn’t mean goals are impossible to achieve. Build up, whether it’s for further education, opening a business, an investment, your health, and even hobbies.

The door is wide open. Still, you can boost your personal growth even if the world is in great chaos.

How should you improve your personal growth?

Here are some of the corners where you can begin with, and in any possible way, productspy is on the go for everything that you may need as far as quality product reviews are concerned.

1. Health

The world currently experiences the risk of death, and the so-called disease is about to destroy everything. But as the Arabian proverb says, “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

This pandemic might have thrown you off guard. It made you go lazy doing nothing at all. But didn’t you realize that by doing so, you disvalue yourself? Self-love also means maintaining your body in good condition.

The better the health, the better is your well-being. And the better your well-being, the higher is your chance to surpass the struggle.

Eat well. Get into shape. Be more vital.

2. Business

Are you one of those no-job-no-income-run-out-savings people? Why not think of a business that will be a great provider today? With high technology, it will be easy for you to find customers or buyers.

Have you not noticed? This pandemic is not that awful. You see, it helped many people discover their sense in the business field. Not only that it enables them to earn an income, but also it doubles or extends their money even more. With the use of gadgets and social media sites, many individuals were able to take a pace toward success where finding customers is not a problem anymore. As long as there is a will, then impossibility is way beatable.

However, put into consideration that not all businesses are just one click. Understand that some may boom higher and become more profitable, but some may not. Worst, some may eventually fail. That is why you need to think carefully, plan, examine what worthwhile thing you will give a try.

Worry not, the door to opportunity is always open for you. Try if you want. Fail if you must. Keep trying until it turns into believing.

3. Investment

The best thing about this is that it comes in many different forms, and all are significant. Whether it’s your money, business, education, health, and others. All lead to one, it becomes your asset.

If you have excess money, why not make it work for you?

If you struggle for earning income, why not engage in learning that will help you overcome your struggle?

If you are scared of death, or if you are prone to sickness, why not dwell in activities that will keep your immunity strong?

A great return does not happen over time. If you want to transform nothingness to riches, then you got to work it out.

4. Education 

Are you knowledgeable enough? If so, is it enough? Or are you hungry for more? Lead yourself to relearn. You have all day.

They say education is the key to success, true. Enough is not enough for people who thirst for more. And knowledge is never enough without action.

Spare time to evaluate your progress. What are the areas of your life that you need to enhance more or that you need to develop? What skill could you possibly learn?

Also, it would be great if you’ll enhance your language speaking or writing, whether it’s English or others. By doing so, you are opening yourself to more opportunities. Great, right?

DO NOT PUSH OFF THE WALL: You can be productive in any possible way

There is no need for you to push your limits. It doesn’t matter how long you have to work for it, as long as in the end, it will be worthwhile. Do it smoothly but surely.

Here are some tips to help you start with improving your personal growth:

1 – Read

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Not only that it influences you with greatness, wisdom, good values, and better understanding about things, but also it will help you refresh your mind and calm your raging soul.

It will be more effective if you make a consistent schedule for your reading time.

2 – Watch

Movies, short films, and Youtube videos are beyond entertainment. It blows your mind into deep thinking and understanding, which is good. Well, of course, it depends on the types of stuff you watch.

3 – Listen

Good music, good teachings, and good advice are healthy for you. Allow yourself to follow the lead of those ahead of you.

4 – Apply

Finally, let it sink in. Do not just read, watch, or listen. Live with it.

Also, you may:

#Start your day with gratitude

You need it most in times of downfall, brokenness, and despair. Allowing positive energy in your life will help you get back up.

#Spend more time reflecting

Are there still things about you that you need to cut out? Are you being toxic to others or even to yourself? Reflect and open yourself to correction. By that, you will be able to live on with a better character.

#Hangout once in a while

Do not lock yourself in your room for a decade. Go with people where you can find joy and excitement, where you can experience beautiful moments that will bring you to life.


Know that you are free to be free. Give yourself a time to be burdened and a time to mend. Go for a walk; soak in a tub with hot or warm water, dive into a beach or pool. In that way, you can lose the tension inside you. Also, you will be able to do more and be more.

#Do some crafts

Let your ideas and creativity show. You don’t just simply make one. You make a better world of growth for your dear self.

A goal is achieved when the ball is cast over!

Motionless sucks.

For you to get life’s greatest lessons and riches, you need to do the work.

And for you to be what you might have been, you need to work for it. Grow your personal life in every way you could even if it may sound impossible.

If you desperately want it to happen, you can make it happen.

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