Pros and Cons of Invisalign Braces

Dental problems have caused misery and pain to many people. The good news is that modern technology has found a way to solve some of the dental issues affecting you. Consequently, if you want to straighten your teeth, Invisalign treatment is an efficient method.

If you feel embarrassed when smiling because of misaligned teeth, Invisalign is the answer. All you need to do is type “invisalign dentist near me” and get a list of prospective dentists to visit.

What Does Invisalign Treatment Entail?

It entails putting plastic aligners over your teeth. Notably, the plastic aligners must fit your teeth perfectly for the treatment to work. You are also required to put the aligners on for a specific period. Interestingly, if you want to eat or brush your teeth, you can remove the plastic aligners. Invisalign treatment has helped many people straighten their teeth. Despite the great reviews linked to the treatment, there are issues that the treatment cannot fix.

What Are Some of the Pros of Invisalign Braces?

Removable Plastic Aligners

During the treatment, the specialist must place plastic aligners over your teeth. However, if you want to eat, brush your teeth, or attend special occasions, you can remove the braces. The method has gained popularity because it gives you the freedom to choose when and where to draw these aligners.

Invisible Trays or Aligners

If you are afraid of people looking at you differently after the treatment, worry no more. One of the achievements of Invisalign is that the braces are virtually invisible. If you feel like traditional braces do not compliment your look because of wires, Invisalign is the way to go. A bonus to this treatment is that that the aligners are attractive. With Invisalign braces, you can now smile confidently.

A Shorter Treatment Duration

Unlike traditional dental treatments that may take up to half a decade, Invisalign takes a shorter time. The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of your dental problem. For patients whose dental issue is not complex, the process might take a maximum of six months.

Notably, when your dental issue is complicated, the treatment might take two years. When you compare Invisalign with other treatment methods, you will discover that it takes a shorter period.

It Is a Time-Saving Dental Treatment Method

In this modern era, time is everything. To avoid making constant trips to the dentist’s office, Invisalign is the appropriate treatment. Frequent visits to the specialist office can waste your time and your money. Unlike traditional dental treatment methods, Invisalign appointments are after every six weeks.

A Boost to Your Dental and Mental Health

Correcting misaligned teeth will boost your health mentally and physically. The procedure reduces the gaps between your teeth. Therefore, germs and bacteria have nowhere to hide. In addition to this, mental health is attributed to how you perceive yourself. If your teeth are fixed, your confidence and esteem are restored.

What Are the Cons of Invisalign?

Less Effective When Dental Problems are Complicated

Alternatively, when the root of your dental issue is complex, the dentist will advise you to choose other treatments. In a scenario where your teeth need severe rotation, Invisalign is not the best method. Additionally, Invisalign is not suitable for teeth with significant gaps.

The Braces Are Easily Lost or Broken

Invisalign braces are removed whenever you want to eat, brush your teeth or attend a special occasion. Therefore, the aligners might end up getting lost or, worse, get broken. You will hence be forced to make more appointments and spend more money to replace the braces.

Requires a Committed Treatment Plan

To benefit fully from the procedure, you must wear trays for a range of 20 to 22 hours. The process might not be effective if you fail to wear them for hours.

Limitations Due to Soreness

Consequently, when wearing the aligners, certain foods might cause discomfort. Hard foods may result in soreness of the gums, which might cause an infection. After removing the braces over your teeth, you might experience soreness. The soreness might limit your intake of particular foods.

The Treatment Is Unknown Globally

The treatment method is not known in many countries. Traditional dental treatment methods have been around for many years, thus known throughout the world. People do not go for Invisalign treatment when selecting treatment methods since they do not know much about it.

Invisalign dental treatment guarantees excellent results when it comes to teeth straightening. Incidentally, it is a perfect way to align your teeth properly. The aligners are likely to boost your confidence and further correct your teeth.

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