Lose Weight the Right Way – Natural Remedies and Tips

If you wish to lose weight, doing it naturally is inevitably the best way to go about it. Just have a strong willpower  – and good health is not far away. All you need to do is alter your diet plans, start exercising regularly and initiate that little change in your lifestyle. When you do make small consistent changes in your lifestyle, it will survive for a long time. You just become habitual to these changes and you realize that these are better for enjoying life.

Most of the information you get on the net is never based on any lifestyle science. But several natural methods have shown effective results and many people have indeed lost weight in natural and healthy Ways

How can you lose weight naturally?

Avoid Processed Foods:

  • The first thing you need to do is completely ban processed food, which possesses a heavy dose of added sugars, added fats and lots of calories. Processed foods are made for commercial use and entice you to eat them more & more.
  • You get addicted to having such foods rather than unprocessed foods. Also say no to junk foods and diet foods. They will seduce you to have a little bite, with your taste buds getting watery, but never succumb to the temptation.
  • Many foods that cry ‘diet friendly’ may not necessarily have low calories. Fat and sugar might be taken out, but such foods are often replaced by highly processed items.
  • Stick to your own diet and just turn away from temptation and cook your own food, which will prove to be more satisfying in the end.

Be alert while eating:

  • People often keep having food while doing something else, watching TV, surfing the net or reading a book, then their mind gets distracted back and they eat more. But some people who just focus on their food can eat less. Some points to remember are:
  • Make sure you chew the food fully that’s there in your mouth and swallow before you take another bite. Eat slowly and deliberately.
  • Focus on your food, pay attention to its ingredients, its temperature, its texture or check if its salty, sweet or spicy.
  • When you are not yet fully satisfied, halt, stop eating and measure your belly. If you keep doing this process it will certainly help you in reducing weight.

Write your diet plans:

  • When you are altering your diet plans and wish to lose weight, write down your food diet plans. It helps in losing the weight in a better way.
  • Several times when you have charted your diet plans, you don’t feel the urge to grab a quick bite from your nearby restaurant that serves junk food or mostly you find yourself lost at a place that doesn’t have such options.
  • When you begin writing, note down your breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea & snacks for the whole week plans.
  • For breakfast, you may have 1/2 grapefruit and a bowl of oatmeal or you can have sautéed vegetables with low-fat cheese.
  • In lunch, you may have a large salad with beets, spinach, lettuce, carrots, a handful of walnuts, 1/2 avocado and beans (black or garbanzo). Sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar on the top.
  • For dinner, you can have a serving of brown rice and grilled zucchini.
  • If you need a snack sometime grab a fresh vegetable or a fruit. Try having a Greek yogurt with blueberries, ground flax seeds or an apple.

Drink (unsweetened) Coffee/Tea:

  • Earlier people never knew that coffee has so many benefits. These days it has emerged as a beverage that has an abundance of oxidants and has many beneficial compounds.  Coffee and tea drinking can also reduce the weight by enhancing the energy level and makes you burn more calories.
  • Caffeinated coffee enhances the body metabolism by 3 to 11% and lowers the risk of acquiring diabetes by a whopping 23 to 50%. Black coffee enhances the weight loss further by making you feel full and you don’t get hungry to eat anything. It has no calories at all.

Exercise Regularly:

  • Start doing exercise regularly, it will boost your weight loss program, improve you physically and enhance your stamina.
  • One may do exercise in a gym by doing cardio for 150 minutes each week and then 2 days of strength training.
  • Take a break from your job and go walking for about 20 minutes. A walk early in the morning is the best as very less activity takes place. Begin a walk for 15 minutes and gradually keep increasing the time.
  • Early morning is best suitable because, very less traffic, pollution is minimum and you can hear the chirping of morning birds as you walk by, enjoy it.  
  • Exercise enhances your mood because it releases endorphins, which makes you cheerful, healthier and it boosts your self-confidence, which might govern your eating habits.
  • Pick any exercise that you enjoy doing, play a physical movement game, indoor or outdoor doesn’t matter. Do some physical work or try yoga, it increases your meditation and teaches you discipline.
  • Get an exercise buddy with whom you can encourage each other to improve your physical fitness.

Make changes gradually:

  • Don’t make changes at the blink of an eye otherwise, the whole process will tumble. The changes should be made slowly and never in a hurry.
  • Losing your weight and not gaining again needs some lifestyle changes that will become habits later and make you feel elated.
  • Begin with small changes, add 5 minutes each day while walking or exercising, change to olive oil from using butter while cooking.

Change the way you used to have food, stop using it in the comfort zone like you eat when you are sad, upset, under mental tension or feeling bored.

  • Consider food to be your fuel to get energy to do various things. Be optimistic about food and you sure will get good results.
  • All these simple changes can make you look smart, healthier, with a person who has positive mind that makes you more intelligent.
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