How I Learned to Quickly Get Rid of Colds/Flu

Colds happen, and when they do, they can be really annoying. All your plans get messed up and you’re stuck spending time with tissue papers. It really is as sad as it sounds. And no matter how well you try to prevent it, which you should, the notorious cold will inevitably strike you once in a while.

But if you’re like me, once in a while can be rather frequent. As someone who’s always been prone to getting colds easily due to a weaker immune system and a bunch of allergies to go with, I’ve always had to deal, or fight if you will, with colds. That’s why my nose was never something I was proud of. Our nose is our breathing mechanism but all the sneezing and running noses it constantly gives me is really annoying.

On a brighter side, all my experiences with colds and flu taught me how to quickly get rid of it too. When I realized how much time I lose whenever I get colds, I decided it was time I became active in not only preventing but also quickly treating it when it happens. And the method I found to be effective is SUPER simple, almost a no-brainer when you’ll read it below it actually. Because I think no one deserves to have his/her time wasted because of a cold, I really had to share this technique even if it is super simple yet effective.

So here goes.

I’m sure you’ve heard this advice for colds/flu from your doctor or the people around you before, but you probably took it for granted…

So if you want to quickly get rid of colds/flu, drink lots of water, lots and lots of it, a truckload of it – that simple. It doesn’t have to be only water, other fluids and juices work too. Whenever I get colds now, I immediately start drinking lots of water and it literally washes away my cold in a day or two. Gone are the days when my colds would last for days and weeks. In fact, a regular cold can be quickly relieved with lots of water and rest without any medicine. When you drink lots of fluids, you also excrete more urine which means you’re also excreting the sickly bacteria much faster, so your cold also heals much faster.

water food to keep you awake - How I Learned to Quickly Get Rid of Colds/Flu

It may be difficult to easily drink lots of water when you’re sick since the appetite is low, but you just have to face it and do it if you want to quickly get rid of the cold – at least 3-5 liters in a day. This sounds easy but I tell you it’s easier said than done.

So, the next time colds/flu attempts to make you miserable, fight back with the water therapy. Drink lots of water and you’ll be shocked how much faster your cold goes away.

Note: This is no medical advice and is solely based on my experience. Above applies to regular colds but medical advice should be sought for more severe colds/flu.

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