Is IV Sedation Dentistry Best Choice for You?

One of the most reliable motivations to keep up a healthy dental routine is the fear of having to visit a dentist. I try to put a high game concerning my dental care to avoid any chances of requiring dental procedures. And most of us would prefer to put up with the agony of an excruciating tooth pain rather than consult a dentist. Our teeth and gums are susceptible, and complex dental procedures can turn out to be painful and uncomfortable. But just like various other sectors of our everyday lives, technology has had a lasting impact in the field of medicine too.

It has changed the ways of treatment and made it more patient-friendly to make sure there is less fear. Dentistry is no exception to this evolution with modern methods and treatment techniques that promise more comfort and ease for patients.

Sedation dentistry is a new scope in dentistry that aims at patient-friendly treatment methods. It helps the dentists deliver their best treatment options even to patients who feel anxious and nervous in the chairs. It helps the patients view treatment methods in a rather objective way by not having to worry about fear and nervousness during these procedures. And reducing nervous patients on the chair increases the chances of success for dentists too.

There are different types of sedation dentistry, depending on the sedative administration process. In the case of inhaled sedation, gases such as nitrous oxide offer mild sedation to the patient. Oral sedation uses fluids you consume to introduce sedatives in the body.IV Sedation is when the medication is administered into the vein and does not cause complete unconsciousness. Finally, there is deep sedation or general anesthesia used to put patients into a complete sleep.

A little about sedation dentistry

Physicians today focus on adopting methods of treatment that enhances the comfort of patients, especially during surgical procedures. This step makes the process easier comparatively and paves the path for a speedy recovery. Many people dread the idea of visiting a dentist due to a condition called dental anxiety. But fortunately, Sedation dentistry provides an easy solution to overcome this fear and approach for proper care.

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of sedation on patients during dental procedures. The level and intensity of sedation depending on the patient’s anxiety levels as well as the severity of the procedure. An IV sedation is a type of conscious sedation where the person is not fully put to sleep but is less aware of the details of the procedure or treatment. IV sedation follows administration through the vein and is mainly seen to be useful for patients suffering from dental anxiety.

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The Sedation technique has instantaneous effects, and the levels of dosage to provide are also easily adjustable. Also, the sedation levels are enough to keep the patients from understanding or recollecting details form the procedure as the amnesia period is long enough. While the process for the patient is very simple, the person administering the IV should be well trained in the technique before handling a patient. These professionals are often equipped with ACLS certification and other training to handle any emergencies that may arise.

How to know if IV Sedation is the best choice for you?

IV Sedation is the best choice for people who are in good health but simply fear to go to the dentist. This type of sedation works best for individuals who have a low threshold for pain, have very sensitive teeth, feel restless in the dentist chair, have a large amount of dental work to be done, or have a bad gag reflex. In cases, especially requiring long hours of having to keep your mouth in a fixed position, IV sedation can be an aid to ease the discomfort of the patients.

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If you fear the dentist’s chair or tend to be restless, then IV sedation can be an excellent option for you. In this case, having the patients feel in control helps to keep them calm. In IV sedation, the patient remains conscious enough to respond to any request or questions from the surgeon. It alleviates a feeling of relaxation in their mind and helps them feel calm and light throughout the procedure. The sedative is enough to eliminate the details after the procedure, and it would merely feel like time-lapsed faster. It may feel like the patient is asleep during the procedure, although a part of their conscious remains awake.

IV sedation is also among the best choices for patients suffering from disabilities who require special care. Patients with physical or mental disabilities require intensive care during dental procedures. IV Sedation provides a safe and straightforward way of keeping them relaxed and calm during the process. It helps them receive the dental care and treatment they need, without having to worry about their comfort.

IV sedation may be the right way to go in case you are lined up for complex dental procedures. Dental implants, root canals, extractions are time intensive dental works that require cooperation from the patient. The dentist will require them to stay in the expected position for long hours for performing with the best accuracy. But this is practically impossible and could cause discomfort for the patient. Local anesthetics are used in this case to numb the pain in this region. Yet, these anesthetics alone cannot keep the person responsive but comfortable at the same time. IV sedation, paired with local anesthetics, ensures that the person can respond to the situation, while they feel at ease and pain-free. The technique eliminates the need for multiple visits to complete complex procedures and benefits both the patient as well as the dentist.

One of the biggest advantages of IV sedation is the ability to offer an antidote or reversal agents at any point in time. It is a critical aspect to choose a safe sedation method for patients suffering from critical health issues or conditions such as extreme heart problems. IV sedation can be the best option for such patients as the effects of the reversal are almost immediate, and following it with first aid helps increase the chances of survival during such emergencies.

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IV sedation also poses the advantage of immediate effect as compared to other sedation techniques. It helps additionally introduce vitamins to the body that may help improve the speed of recovery. It can also help with detoxification of the body. As the technique relies on IV administration, the chances of side effects on other organs of the body are lower.

Talk to your dentist

IV sedation is a great option for you if you are looking to ease through complex dental procedures. But whether any form of sedation is required for your case depends on your discussion with your dentist. Consult your dentist to discuss and explore various sedation options that might be more relevant and safer for your condition.

It should be based on your medical history to ensure you go through an easy and comfortable procedure. Don’t let the fear of the dentist’s chair hide the gorgeous smile you deserve to flaunt.

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