Hunting Workouts: Getting in Shape for Western Hunting

If you are passionate about hunting, one of the best places you would love to take your hunting expedition is the Western US. The place has a wide range of hunting territories ranging from wild to remote. Hunting is not simple regardless of the technologies that you carry. It even gets harder if you are engaging in western hunting and dealing with badass rifles.

The presence of rugged terrains can make your experience difficult. Again, you will be climbing and traversing through terrains that are made by animals. Sometimes, you will find yourself climbing over and under trees, walking through muddy slopes and much more. With all these in mind, this means that you can’t just wake up and go to the woods.

If you want to have successful hunting trips, you need to improve your fitness level. You need to take your hunting workouts seriously so that you can have a great time in the woods. I have prepared this guide to provide hunters with effective hunting workouts that will help you stay in shape for western hunting.

Do hunters really need to exercise?

Workouts for hunters sound like a cliché. But if you understand the hunting condition in the Western US, then you know why you need to keep in shape. In as much as exercise can be tough, there are so many hunting workouts that you can try. Just like any other training, hunting workouts need determination, desire, and drive.

Every hunt is unique and calls for particular hunting tactics. This means that each hunt will engage different parts of your body so you should be well prepared. The good thing is that there are effective workouts you can try for your overall hunting fitness.

Here are some key areas and workouts that hunters should focus on.

  • Cardio health

You can achieve cardio health by engaging in different exercises like running, stair climbing, biking, using elliptical machines and much more. You can as well engage in high-intensity training to improve your cardio health. If you are consistent in your workouts, then you can be confident of your stamina. This workout is important because it trains your mind how to handle pain.

  • Pushups

Pushups engage the chest, triceps and some shoulder muscles. They also help you build stamina since you are using your own body weight. To achieve endurance and long term strength, you should do pushups consistently. Other simple daily exercises that you can engage in include shoulder presses and lateral raises.

  • Lateral raises

These are exercises that do not require more time or use of heavyweights. The exercise involves raising your arms in T, T and I form for a few seconds each time. You can choose to do the exercise with weights or without. If you are using weights, make sure that you have small dumbbells that are not more than 15lbs.

  • Legs

Many people avoid leg exercises because it requires preparation both mentally and physically. Working out your legs is not difficult if you make up your mind. Some good leg exercises that you can engage in are leg presses and squats. These are effective exercises that work in all areas of your legs to help you achieve stability and core strength.

  • Back exercises

Training your back muscles is important because it gives you the stability and stamina that is required to carry heavy loads. Engaging in exercises like dumbbell rows, lateral pulls help you build your back muscles. You can use a lateral pull down machine to exercise your back muscles and if you don’t have one, pull-ups can be a great alternative.

  • Weighted sled

One of the worst experiences a hunter can face is to plan for a hunting trip and then realize that you are not physically prepared. Engaging weighted sled will help you increase strength and endurance. The exercise raises your heart which helps you control your breathing. This exercise will be of great help when you are in the mountains.

Other hunting workouts

  • Shoulder press
  • Rhomboid row
  • Weighted pull-ups
  • Trap bar deadlift
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Core and stability workouts

Important tips for hunters

Apart from engaging in the right hunting workouts, you also need to observe some tips that will help you achieve your goals. These tips will help you achieve your hunting workout goals while keeping your body healthy and in shape.

Consider your safety and nutrition

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. You should know how you can optimize your diet and training based on your fitness level, age or if you have injuries. So, it is always important to consider your safety first. There are many cases of hunters who succumb to fatal injuries in the woods simply because they didn’t even know they have heart problems. You need to keep track of your heart and check your cardio health.

Engaging in hunting workouts will not be effective if you are not giving your body the right nutrition.  The type of food and supplements we eat have a positive or negative effect on our bodies. If you need help, you can consult a professional to help you get started on the right nutrition.

I would advise you to stick to fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. You can also add some supplement powders to your breakfast smoothies or workout recoveries mixes

Final Words

Successful Western Hunting in the US requires hunters who are physically fit. You need to know that you will be hunting at altitude so not getting in shape is not an option. Working on your cardio is crucial if you are hunting on altitude. Of course, you don’t want to keep grabbing your knees to catch a breath. You want your hunting trip to be fun, enjoyable and successful.

If you were wondering which hunting exercises to engage in, I believe you now have some ideas from the above tips. Engaging in these exercises will help you get in shape for western hunting. Remember that some of these resistant exercises can be painful but if you are consistent, you will get better results.

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