How to Treat and Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are tiny yet notorious insects. They might swarm in your house out of nowhere and build their entire colony within the blink of your eyes. Although they hide during the daytime, they become hyperactive during the night time. During the night, while you might be dreaming a romantic scene, their itchy biting will kill your peace. Their bites are harmless but cause serious itch and at times might even cause allergic symptoms and irritation. Thus, people always hover around on finding the treatment for bed bugs. This article will thus answer how to treat bed bug bites as well as the ways to prevent them.

Bed bugs

It is a tiny little insect. They mostly live in dark places and live on human and animal blood mainly. Although they don’t cause serious health issues, they are a significant concern for cleaning issues over the world.  A recent survey showed that 1 out of every 5 American has encountered or heard about their close ones being encountered by Bed bug infestations and bites.

bed bugs - How to Treat and Prevent Bed Bug Bites


Before you apply the treatment, it is essential to be sure that Bed bugs caused the bite. Bed bugs virtually bite everywhere in your body which includes:

  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Arms

If a bed bug bites you, there are some symptoms that you should look for before applying Bed bug treatment. The general symptoms include:

  1. A painstaking sensation of burning
  2. An itchy bump
  3. There will be a dark circle centered on itchy bump
  4. Sometimes there might be red itchy bumps too
  5. Cloth or bed-sheet stained with small dots of blood
  6. From red to reddish-brown stains on fabrics due to Bed bug droppings.
  7. Continuous Bed bug bites might cause irregular sleep causing sleep deprivation.
bedbug - How to Treat and Prevent Bed Bug Bites

These are some of the most commonly found features that indicate it is indeed Bed bugs responsible for the infestation in your house and the itchiness and soreness that you are feeling.


Even though Bed bug bites are not complicated, the constant feeling of painful sensation and itching is disturbing. Hence, there are few treatments applicable to Bed bug bites.

The first and the easiest way of Bed bug bite treatment are to clean the bitten areas with soap and a clean towel with cold water. There are suggested medicines for such bites. However, if you feel a bit more itching, additionally you might apply:

  1. Anti-itch cream on the wounded areas.
  2. Calamine lotion which heals itching.
  3. Might take an oral antihistamine to escape burning and itching sensations.
  4. If you feel excessive pain, try an over the counter pain reliever to get rid of swelling and suffering from the affected areas.

Most Bed bug bite wounds heal automatically within a few hours to a week. In some rare cases, it lasts more than a week.  Nevertheless, if a person feels persistent itchiness, inflammation or severe swelling, then he should go for some medical consultation or to a dermatologist.

In the rarest of cases, Bed bug bites cause an allergic reaction in sensitive skins. If a person feels a severe allergic response, then he should go to seek one of these solutions-

  1. An epinephrine medication
  2. Taking antihistamine
  3. An injectable corticosteroid

Although very few recorded infections due to Bed bug bite cases have been filed, if a person is infected, we recommend consulting a nearby physician. Furthermore, if severe itchiness causes scarring or other skin complications, consult a dermatologist immediately to avoid deteriorating conditions.


It is an old yet popular saying that prevention is better than cure. So, here I am going to suggest some of the easiest ways to prevent Bed bug infestations so that you don’t have to deal with Bed bug bite treatments anymore. It is divided into the below-mentioned steps:

  1. A survey report on 2017 showed that around 30% of American travelers were unable to distinguish between a Bed bug and other insects. So, it is crucial to identify them first. A bed bug is a small insect that often lengths between 5-7 millimeters. The shell is quite reddish or at times reddish brown to tan. They release a musty or stale odor through their glands.
  2. The easiest way to prevent Bed bugs is to stop them from entering and breeding in and near human habitats. During the daytime, these devilish insects hide in crevices and cracks of the floor, furniture, walls, and mattresses. So, keep these places as clean as possible.
  3. Bed bugs are mostly carried via old furniture, books, beddings and luggage items. So, whenever you bring such things in your home, ensure checking to see if there are any Bed bugs there.  
  4. Avoid furniture with crevices, crack, and seams. Instead pick furniture made out of plastic, metal and high-weave textiles.
  5. Remember to give a thorough cleaning to your beddings regularly. Try to wash and dry bedding at a high temperature to avoid Bed bug infestation.
  6. If you find any Bed bug infestation or their eggs apply a hand steamer immediately to kill them in your luggage and other items.
  7. Hotels are a common place where your luggage and clothing get infected with bed bugs. So, whenever you travel to a new place and stay in a hotel, avoid placing your luggage and clothing close to furniture and floor. Instead, keep them in racks.
  8. If you find any bed bugs near you, there is a possibility to have a colony of them. So, look for the infested area and kill them.
  9. Until you get rid of Bed bugs fully, try to sleep covering as much of as your body.
  10. If the infestation is severe, you should immediately call a professional pesticide killer to handle the situation.

Bed bug looks tiny, yet, they are an annoying and disturbing insect. Their bites are not going to cause you severe health issues but surely going to create unwanted sores, itchiness, and painful sensations. So, try to follow the ideas mentioned above to treat the bed bug bites and try preventing them for a healthier life!

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