How To Quit Vaping And Live Healthier

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Are you looking to quit vaping but finding that it’s easier said than done? If so, you may want to know the top tips on how to quit.

When you quit vaping you’re instantly making your body healthier and kicking a bad habit. To learn how to quit vaping for good keep reading our tips below.

Make a Set Time to Stop

The first step on how to quit vaping is to know when you’re going to quit. You should set a specific date and time to kick your habit.

You can choose a date that’s a week away or a few days away. The most important thing is to continue vaping right up until the date and time you’ve selected. You shouldn’t try to reduce your vaping before this because it will make your vape seem more precious and important in your mind.

Don’t Look Back

It’s good to keep in mind that you’re not giving up much. This is because vaping has no benefits and really does nothing to enhance your body or lifestyle.

Vaping can be used as a crutch to deal with things such as anxiety or even to feel comfortable when you’re performing the habit. There is really no genuine pleasure that comes from vaping. In fact, the idea is to keep you addicted and to not better your life or health.

After starting your quitting journey you will need to remember that you’re losing nothing by quitting. In fact, you are gaining money by quitting, getting more energy, and improving your health. If you keep this mindset and don’t look back it will make your journey to never craving a vape again easier.

Select a Quitting Method

When it comes to selecting a method for quitting you will have a few options. You can even combine options to create the best personal method to learn how to stop.

The first method is to quit cold turkey. This means that when your quit day and time arrives you drop the vape and never pick it up again. This method may seem brutal but it works well for some because you won’t be dragging the quitting process out.

The next method is to cut back. You can cut down on the number of cartridges you smoke in a week or even cut the number of puffs you take off your vape in a day. You will continue to do this until you stop entirely.

This method is best executed when it’s kept track of. You should keep track of how many hits you take off of your pen in a calendar or notebook. You can then track your progress and every week see how much you’re growing on your quitting journey.

The last method is to only smoke a little at a time. Take one puff every time you go to smoke your vape. Eventually, you will stop smoking because the nicotine will get kicked out of your body.

The last method can be used up until your quit day and then you can go cold turkey. Some find that weening themselves off until their quit day makes quitting easier since there isn’t as much nicotine present in their systems.

Avoid Substitutes

After your quit day, you shouldn’t reach for any nicotine substitutes. These include items such as nicotine patches, gum, and nasal sprays.

These items will actually make it more difficult for you to quit vaping. The nicotine that enters your body through these means will help keep your addiction alive.

Have a Plan Ready After Quit Day

Quit day is a big step in your journey, but you should also have a plan of what to do after quit day. Having a plan for the future will help to ensure that you stick to your journey and help you to put the vape down forever.

You should have healthy snacks available such as fresh fruit and sugar-free gum. These items will help you when you have an urge to pick up your vape. Go and grab a piece of gum or a strawberry instead to keep your mouth and mind busy until the urge passes.

You should also have a plan of ways to fill your free time with enjoyable activities. Keeping yourself busy is very important to quit vaping. This is because when you’re bored your urges are bound to come back so keeping busy avoids them.

You can do simple activities like going on a walk or watching a movie. If you’re someone that likes to do things more vigorously then you can join a gym or even go for a jog.

We know that quitting isn’t the easiest thing to do and there will be a few times where you give in and pick up your vape more than you should during your quitting journey. It’s good to remember that everyone falls off the wagon at some point, but this also means you should be ready.

In your after quit day plan you should include a plan on what to do if you pick up your vape once more. Maybe put some inspirational quotes around the house or even write down a list of new things you can do when the urge arises.

Now You Know How to Quit Vaping

We have provided you with the top tips on how to quit vaping. From having a plan after quit day to avoiding nicotine substitutes, you’ll be putting your vape down for the last time sooner than you think.

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