How to Make the Most of Your Workout in the Summers

It’s summertime, which means you can’t complain anymore about how cold it is to go outside and work out! The summers will have longer days so you will have plenty of time to spend outdoors indulging in activities you couldn’t do in the winters.

It has been proven that you are bound to lose more weight in the summers because your energy levels are up, you sweat more and you have plenty of opportunities to exercise and work out other than just heading to the gym for an hour or two (we promise there are still many ways you can use that new gym bag you have recently bought!) So we suggest following our summer hacks, to make the most out of your workout regimes in the summers! 

1. Reduce your appetite

Believe it or not but the summers are the best time to reduce your appetite! Because of the high temperatures during the summers, you’re bound to sweat more and because of that, your body will begin to feel dehydrated. Take this opportunity to fill up on water as much as you can and try to cut down the number of your meals. Replacing solid foods with liquids is one of the oldest tricks to lose weight.

Of course, we don’t encourage eliminating solid foods; however, we do encourage an increase in the intake of water which will automatically reduce your appetite. Water is excellent for when you’re working out of course, and especially during the summers. So keep a bottle of water with you when you go out for exercising, this will keep you full, refreshed, and hydrated!  

2. Grow your vegetables

What is better than homegrown vegetables? And guess what, summers are the best time to plant your fresh organic vegetables and fruits that have all the required vitamins you need to boost your metabolism and make the most out of your workout regime. What’s more? Gardening and growing your vegetables is quite a task! The amount of energy, activity, and movement required is a workout on its own. 

If you have ever grown your vegetables then you know that there is quite a lot of walking required and also squatting as you plant your seeds, water the plants, and then eventually take out your growth. All of this requires some form of exercise and you’ll be reaping your fruit too! The summers will also encourage you to sweat a lot more so you know you’ll be losing fat without a doubt! 

3. Go fishing

Fish is full of Omega 3 which is excellent for building muscle, if you decide to go fishing yourself then you can make quite a fun trip out of it! Imagine sitting at a riverside, drinking a fresh smoothie, and just waiting to catch your fish! This will encourage you to eat fresh fish that will help optimize your workout session afterward! It’s healthy, delicious and also encourages fat loss! 

4. Go swimming!

It’s that time of the year when you can make the most out of your swimming pool in the backyard! Head out, invite a couple of friends, do a bar b cue and make a day out of it! Swimming in cold water will not only help keep you fresh and cool but also encourage you to do one of the most effective exercises as you work out every muscle in your body while being in that pool.

Swimming allows you to work on your arms, chest, core, abdomen, and legs, all at the same time! And it will not even feel like a workout because of all the fun you’ll be having.

Not to forget the anxiety of fitting in your swimsuit will encourage you, even more, to look your best and stay in shape! So what are you waiting for? Head out to the pool right away!

5. Best time to spend more time outdoors

The summers will allow you to sweat a lot even if you make the minimum effort, so why not make the most effort possible! Try to spend time outdoors as much as possible by doing activities that are fun but also turn out to be an excellent workout. 

Our top suggestions would be to take part in some team sport such as Football, Basketball or Cricket that is enjoyed most during the summers. This will allow you to socialize, have a purpose and also play a game while getting an excellent workout all at the same time! 

6. Wear comfortable breathable clothes

Wearing comfortable, loose, and breathable clothes is a priority for us; because of the excessive sweating wearing tight clothes can prove to be quite suffocating and may also cause rashes and infections that no one likes. However, believe it or not, but wearing loose breathable clothes will encourage you, even more, to work out because you won’t be bothered too much by the heat due to the constant ventilation across your body. 

Comfortable and breathable clothes also encourage you to do exercises such as yoga, aerobics, and Zumba because they allow you to move around easily not being affected by the heat. 

7. Ditch the gym

If the weather outside is so pleasant and also so encouraging of weight loss then why do you need to go to the gym? Invest in some portal gym equipment such as yoga matt, dumbbells, kettlebell, and an exercising band. Keep a good quality, lightweight gym bag prepared at all times so you can easily carry it around where you want; an open field, the roof, the park, or even at a friend’s place where you can work out easily and efficiently! 

8. Stay Protected and Keep Safe

Try to stay as hydrated as possible; summers are an ideal time to lose weight but we don’t want anyone getting dizzy because of dehydration or getting a heat stroke, summers can get pretty hot sometimes! So always keep a water bottle, wear protective gear such as sunglasses, wear sunscreen and wear a cap to keep safe from harmful sun rays that might compromise your health in some way or the other. 

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