How to Help Your Children Live an Active Lifestyle

Did you know that it’s recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Unfortunately, only 24 percent of children meet this requirement for healthy living.

The growth and development of your child are two big factors in the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

Are you concerned that your child isn’t staying active enough? This brief guide will go over serval healthy activities for children and ensure that your child stays happy and healthy.

Types of Activities

Cardio-based activities are important for children and you should implement this at least three days out of the week. Running, bike riding, swimming, and hiking are all great options.

It’s not recommended that children under eight lift weights, but bodyweight exercises are should be done at least three days a week to strengthen muscles. Squats, push-ups, sit-ups, or even climbing on a jungle gym are good options.

Bone strengthening exercises are also great for your child’s development. You should also implement this three times per week. Jumping rope, running, or simply taking walks or hikes are excellent ways to build bone strength.

All three of the previously mentioned types of activities can be accomplished at once through certain activities. Soccer, baseball, karate, gymnastic classes, and dance classes are all examples of well-rounded activities for children. 

Combine Diet With an Active Lifestyle

Your child will need a healthy diet to fuel their activities. Fruits and vegetables will provide nutrients and vitamins and give them energy. Make sure to keep your home stocked with plenty of convenient and healthy options for snacks.

You should also eat healthy to encourage your child to do the same. This will shape their eating habits and food preferences for the rest of their life so it is extremely important.

A healthy diet combined with physical activity will also improve their moods, their focus, and help to avoid mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Schedule Time For Physical Activity

Homework and other activities like music lessons are also very important. Just make sure to balance their schedule so that they have free time to be physically active.

Also, monitor their screen time. Children often spend their free time playing video games, watching TV, or in front of phones and computers. Those things aren’t bad in moderation, but staying active should come first.

Prioritize Fun

Children will get more exercise if the activity doesn’t seem like a chore. Try different activities until you find something that sticks. Having your child engaged in a sport or activity they don’t like could cause anxiety and stress.

Try making the activity a family event. A day at the beach, a hike, or even a walk around your town can be a great way to bond and exercise at the same time. This will also show that you’re invested in your own physical activity.

It’s Time To Get Active

Now you know the importance of an active lifestyle for your child. It’s beneficial for their physical health and mental health alike. The same goes for adults so don’t forget to be a good role model and stay active yourself!

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