How to Gain Weight Properly?

Gaining weight is tricky. As tempting as it may seem, eating junk food is not the solution. Why? Because it doesn’t contain the essential nutrients that your body needs to develop mass correctly. Just as with losing weight, it is not enough to watch how much you eat; it’s just as important to watch what you eat. So, do your body a favor and learn what to eat to gain weight properly.

Who should eat more?

Gaining weight is recommended mainly for athletes to facilitate muscle development, and for underweighted people to keep the body at a healthy weight. Regardless of the group you belong to, the principle is basically the same: eat more than your body can burn, and eat reasonably.

What does it mean to eat reasonably?

In the case of weight gaining diet, eating reasonably means three things.

#1 Change your eating routine

You should eat around 500 extra calories per day to gain weight at a healthy rate. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Your stomach is not used to consuming excess calories, so you will feel full quickly. It is worth considering eating 5 smaller meals a day instead of 3 bigger ones. Increasing the frequency of eating makes it easier to digest 600 calories 5 times a day than 1000 calories 3 times a day. If you change your eating routine, the capacity of your stomach will gradually increase, and so will your appetite.

#2 Sleep full 8 hours a day

Studies show that muscles develop most effectively while you sleep. Giving your body time to assimilate nutrients is an invaluable part of eating reasonably.

#3 Choose products rich in good fat and protein

The role of healthy monounsaturated fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, is to expand your adipose tissue. While protein helps in the development of muscles.

What products contain good fat and protein?


Forget about water: quench your thirst with milk. It is one of the best sources of calories and it contains huge amounts of protein and vitamins. There are various ways to add milk to your meals. For example, start your day with a milky smoothie, or oatmeal made with milk. Not only will you intake more necessary calories, but the protein found in milk will give you an energetic boost for the rest of the day.


Eggs are small, white, protein bombs. Muscle building requires protein, which is why it is advisable to eat eggs after working out. However, if you’re not a bodybuilder, boiled eggs will still work great as a source of desired calories. Just remember to always eat them hard-boiled as, cooked this way, eggs do not lose their nutritional value. In fact, egg protein digests the best when eggs are hard-boiled.


Pasta is a must for gaining weight. Its primary value is the number of calories it contains. 1 cap of cooked whole-grain pasta contains almost 200 calories. Add sauce, chicken, and a handful of vegetables, and you have yourself a calorie-loaded meal.

Red meat

Some say one cannot build muscle without eating red meat. There is truth to that as red meat contains lots of muscle building blocks: protein. Professional athletes dote on this generous source of protein. But what if you’re a vegan? Don’t worry, walnuts are a great substitute.


Similar to the compounds contained in red meat, the omega-3 fatty acid in walnuts helps build muscles and strengthen your body. This makes walnuts an ideal healthy snack between meals, as well as a way for vegans to build their muscle instead of eating red meat. But, they are not the only plant-based products source of omega-3. You can also eat chia seeds, cook with plant oils, and incorporate wild rice into your meals.

Stick to your diet

Consuming surplus calories is a time-consuming process that requires regularity. If it is hard for you to remember everything you should and shouldn’t be shopping for, it may be a good idea to use a shopping list. This means that not only are you less likely to forget about anything, but you can stick to your nutrition plan by sticking strictly to your list. This will make temptations less tempting.

So, consider downloading a shopping list app so that you have your shopping list available on your phone at all times.

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