How to Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

Over 82 million Americans do not exercise at all. This leads to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health issues.

Do you fall into this category and want to get your body back to optimal health? It’s time to start training with a personal trainer.

Keep reading to learn how to find the best personal trainer for you.

Meet Them

Before signing on for personal training, meet the person you intend on working with. You will see this person several times each week.

Depending on your schedule, you may even see them more often than you see most other people in your life. Meet them to make sure your personalities mesh.

If you plan to hire an online personal trainer, still chat with them first. You will see better results when listening to somebody you like and trust.

Check Credentials

Check for personal trainer certification when choosing somebody to help you with your weight loss journey. Personal training involves exercise science.

Without the proper training, they could teach you to do exercises incorrectly. This causes injuries.

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Compare Cost

Price shop when looking for a trainer. Pay for good service, but do not overpay.

The average nationwide cost of a personal trainer is $60 per hour. Depending on where you live, they may charge more or less, ranging from $39 an hour to $100 an hour.

Look to see what other trainers charge locally. Also, consider what they offer with their services.

Ask Their Philosophy

All personal trainers come into their job with the goal to get their clients healthier. But, what this actually looks like can greatly vary between people.

For some, healthy means crushing intense workouts and not stopping when you want. Others believe in listening to your body and just challenging yourself enough for some growth.

Ask what their goal for you would be. Choose a trainer who cares about overall health rather than a superficial body goal that focuses only on weight or body fat percentage.

Get References

Learn other people’s experiences with this trainer. You can do this in several ways.

Search for a personal trainer by asking friends or people at your gym. This way they will only lead you to who they believe is the best.

If you opt for a personal trainer online, ask them if they can provide you with references that you can reach out to. You can also look at Google reviews, but they often only give you pieces of a story.

Choose Only the Best Personal Trainer

Don’t settle on your search for a person to lead you on your wellness journey. Choose only the best personal trainer.

You need somebody who you enjoy working with so that you stay on track. It is also important to work with a trainer who works towards the same goals and fits your values.

Not sure what personality type you mesh with best? Use our personality assessment to help you figure it out!

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