How To Effectively Stop Hair Loss?

How Common Is Hairloss?

Almost 320 million United States citizens are losing their hair. Additionally, at least 20% of them are under the age of 30, which means 1 in every 5 Americans is losing their hair.

The are multiple reasons for hair loss, and there are various ways to stop or slow down the process. But not all the ways will help you do that, the particular way of treatment depends on the cause of hair loss.

Just like some causes of hair loss get resolved on their own, such as hair loss due to pregnancy (telogen effluvium) gets resolved independently. Remember that daily shedding of hair is absolutely normal, but the amount of hair loss also matters; everyone loses 100 hairs stands every day.

Depending upon the cause, such as thyroid issues, stress, scalp infections, androgenic alopecia, or simply aging, the treatment is fixed. Although it is always best to consult with the doctor (dermatologist) regarding it, he/she will first try to know about the actual cause of hair loss and then treat it accordingly.

What Really Works To Stop Hairfall?

Here is a list of solutions that will help you stop hair loss effectively, but make sure the hair fall cause is general.

Diet: Diet plays an important role in treating maximum health complications. If you maintain a healthy diet in your daily routine, all your health complications will not get resolved. A study says that a nutritious diet, such as a Mediterranean diet containing raw vegetables, fresh herbs, protein, and vitamin A reduces the risk of androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness).

If you provide all those nutrients necessary for the growth of hairs, the risk of hair loss will automatically reduce. The same goes with protein, hair follicles are made up of proteins called keratin. One more study involving 100 people noted that several nutritional deficiencies participant helps in the building blocks of protein causing hair loss.

Once you fulfill these nutrients, the risk of hair loss decreases automatically. While researches also noted that more study is needed in order to study the cause of hair loss.

A study conducted states that Vitamin A helps produce retinoids that increase the rate of hair growth. It also helps in the production of sebum that keeps your scalp healthy and retains more hair. You can buy Hair Care Products.

Supplements: If you fail to consume the essential nutrients, you can depend on supplements. Even scientists noticed that vitamin A, B, C, D , iron, selenium, and zinc are necessary for hair production and resists hair loss.

All this information provided for you is based on the studies, one study reports, vitamin D is linked with nonscarring alopecia. Once you fulfill the demand for such vitamins, all your hair loss problems will end. This doesn’t mean feeding yourself only with vitamin D will cure your hair loss problem. Consult with your doctor and do the best as per your condition.

Additionally, other necessary ingredients come in your way to keep your scalp nourished, such as biotin-vitamin H & B7, saw palmetto, and ginseng. All these nutrients help your hair to complete the hair cycle with nourishment without having any deficiency. It is always better to consult with a dermatologist if all these necessary treatments fail to stop hair loss.

Hair Care:  Apart from providing necessary nutrients, there are other essential duties to perform in order to keep your hair and scalp healthy and nourished. Regular cleaning of your hair is one of them, keeping your dirty hair blocks the scalp that prevents hair growth, and most importantly, increases the risk of hair loss.

Just like washing your hairs, it is also important to oil your scalp with either of the following:-

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil

As per a study in 2018, coconut oil prevents hair damage from grooming and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. The ingredient found in coconut oil, Lauric acid, also binds the proteins necessary for hair growth. Massaging hairs with coconut oil promotes better blood flow into the scalps, contributing to preventing hair loss.

The same goes with olive oil, it profoundly conditions the hair and protects it from drying and hair loss. Olive oil is also a major ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, this is also a reason why the Mediterranean diet is ideal to stop hair loss.

Physical exercise: Just like a healthy diet, regular physical activity is also a cure for maximum health complications. It helps to increase the flow of blood through your scalp, providing it healthy oxygenated blood. To keep your scalp healthy and nourished, it considers many factors, some of them you must have aware of till now, and physical activity is one of them.

Medial treatment:  Apart from these natural ways, medical procedures can help you stop your hair from losing. Treatments, such as laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma, are some of them.

Indirectly, if you see, these do the same things we discussed earlier in the blog’s above section. Laser therapy improves hair density in people with genetic hair loss or in people who experience loss of hair, as a result of chemotherapy. These options of stopping your hair from losing are also called red light therapy. It directly stimulates the epidermal stem cells.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) also stimulates hair follicles’ growth in areas that are impacted by hair loss. In such an option of hair loss treatment, blood may run through the centrifuge to separate the platelets and then inject it into the scalp.

Apart from these therapies, some medications help you improve your hair growth, such as minoxidil, finasteride, and phenylephrine. These medications work by styling the hair follicle’s muscles to contract.

But before opting for any of these medical therapies, consult with the dermatologist he/she will guide you with the best option. Know more about Generic Medicines in the USA.

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