How To Build Discipline & Develop Better Habits


They say it takes the average person 66 days to develop something into a habit. That is little more than 2 months to change your life. Considering how long we live, 2 months is a small sacrifice to develop a healthier life. Imagine where you could be in a few months with great habits, making healthy choices which will not only change the way you think but change the way you look and feel.

Now, if this were easy everyone in the world would be in shape and every personal fitness trainer would be out of work. With so many unhealthy choices available and every TV channel, radio station, magazine ads promoting unhealthy food, it’s no surprise we have such high obesity rates in North America. To eat healthily and find time to workout is difficult or downright impossible for most people.


There are thousands of diet plans, workout plans, and motivational videos out there to help bring you to a place of becoming fit and healthy. However, if you’re not mentally ready to commit to these changes, then you never change. So before committing to a lifestyle change you must get mentally focused and motivated. This mental focus is the difference between success and failure.

So before starting you have to sit down and find answers to the following questions: Why do you want to do this? What sacrifices are required for this big change? What challenges will you face? How will you overcome these challenges when they arise? Who around you supports you and who doesn’t? When you surround yourself with healthy, motivating people, you will naturally pick up their habits and succeed like them. By surrounding yourself with negative people, you will automatically become negative.


Once motivated to start this lifestyle change you are going to need accountability. If you have no one in your life to hold you accountable, it would be best to hire a personal fitness trainer. Weekly check-ins with your trainer will keep you accountable and ensure you are eating and training correctly.

Each week, you will set goals with your trainer: a diet plan, a workout plan, a cardio plan etc. At the end of the week you report back and resolve any issues that came up as a team, instead of giving up and stepping back into that old unhealthy lifestyle.


Eating is one of the biggest challenges people face every day. How can you enjoy your favorite meals and still eat healthy? One of the biggest mistakes people make is depriving themselves of all their favorite foods and replacing them with salads or tasteless foods.

This leads to cheating on your diet and losing motivation. Instead, throw in a cheat meal every now and discourage cheating while giving yourself something to look forward to. Another major cause of weight gain is portion control. Portions in America are huge and far exceed your daily caloric Keep within a calorie limit to ensure weight loss.

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track to eat healthy is meal prepping. So many people skip meals due to their busy lifestyle. Prepping your lunch the night before will ensure you have a healthy meal the next day. This will eliminate the chance of skipping meals, or choosing fast food. Packing snacks will ensure your metabolism is working throughout the day.

Sometimes you are forced to eat out at work or with friends. The best solution for this is to look at the menu ahead of time, and choose the healthiest option. By choosing ahead of time what you will eat you avoid the temptation of looking over the menu and changing your mind for a less healthy option. Take the time to plan your day to maximize your chances for success, and not fall off the bandwagon.


Weight training is another big part of living a healthy lifestyle. By building muscle, increasing your cardiovascular you not only become stronger and healthier but also build overall confidence. Getting to the gym is the hardest yet most important part. Therefore, by hiring a personal fitness trainer you set yourself up for success by planning your week’s schedule workouts.

Otherwise, for most people on their own, there is the option to opt-out of your workouts when you feel lazy or have had a difficult day. Again, getting to the gym is the hard part – training at the gym is the easy part. After every workout, you rarely hear someone say “Man I wish I didn’t come to the gym today”. The feeling after a great workout is amazing.

Another great option is a good gym partner who is there to motivate you to go to the gym. After all, you are less likely to cancel when you are letting your partner down.

Another important key is to find a gym that doesn’t intimidate you. If you are starting to workout, a gym full of bodybuilders might feel intimidating or downright scary. Starting at a community gym will help build your confidence and eventually work yourself up to a more serious gym.


By changing your lifestyle, you will see amazing changes in your body in a short amount of time. Be patient and don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. Focus on proper eating and training. Always remember why you want this because without that motivation you will struggle. Do it for yourself, because you only have one life.

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