Hot Sauna Benefits: 7 Healthful Reasons to Relax in a Sauna

On the fence about hot saunas? Read this guide to learn seven ways relaxing in a hot sauna benefits your physical and mental health.

Relaxing in the sauna is a great way to wind down after a workout or a long day, but are there any good medical reasons to do so? 

If you’re on the fence about using the sauna, we have some excellent information that we hope will swing you in the right direction. There are a number of hot sauna benefits that have shown to benefit all types of people in their search for health and wellness. 

Not only do people report these benefits from their own experience, but there’s research to back their claims up. Hopefully, you’ll be primed to step into a sauna and sweat your troubles away after reading this article. 

Let’s get started:

Important Hot Sauna Benefits

We should mention that individuals with serious health conditions should speak with their doctor before starting to use a sauna regularly. The heat provides numerous benefits for most people, but specific conditions can be worsened as your body responds to abnormal temperatures and sweats for longer periods of time. 

1. Rest and Relaxation

The first benefit that the sauna provides is immediate relaxation. Sitting in a hot sauna for 5 to 15 minutes can be just the thing you need to clear your head and relax. 

Saunas relax your muscles, offer your mind some time to recoup, and provide a regular activity that turns into a notable period of rest during your day. As you establish the routine of using the sauna, it will only become more restful and enjoyable to you. 

People have been using saunas for stress in one way or another for a very long time, and for good reason.

2. Improved Immune System

Regular users of the sauna have shown to have higher amounts of white blood cells, which the body uses to fight off infection. 

There are numerous ways to improve your immune system through diet, medical practice, and avoiding unhealthy substances. That said, using the sauna might just be the simplest and easiest way to actively increase your white blood cell count. 

3. Detoxification

It’s a well-known fact that toxins leave our bodies through sweat. 

Sweating is a great way to cleanse yourself of the pollutants that you intake throughout your normal day. In fact, it’s the most natural and surefire way to do so. You’ll find no shortage of detoxification kits and products that claim to get rid of those pesky toxins. 

Sweating, however, is one of the few ways that we understand to actually work in ridding your body of things like alcohol, cholesterol, salts, and many toxic compounds. 

4. Improved Skin Quality

As sweat rinses out your pores, sweat ducts, and epidermal layer, your skin will oust much of the dirt and grime that causes are skin to have problems. 

Your skin gets washed, dead skin cells that were previously lurking around are swept away, and the quality of your circulation improves leaving your skin softer and clearer. 

You won’t see these results immediately, but regularly using the sauna to sweat out your toxins will bring results within a few weeks of use. 

5. Muscle Recovery

There’s a reason that most gym locker rooms have a sauna. 

As we sit for a while in the heat, our body releases endorphins. Endorphins provide a number of essential and positive functions for our bodies. Some of those functions are to reduce physical pain and provide our brains with the chemicals it needs to be happy. 

A nice side effect of that endorphin release is that it kind of mutes the aches and pains of our post-workout muscles for a time. The heat also improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels. 

These factors help to speed up our bodies’ ability to recover and cut down on the amount of lactic acid and other harmful toxins.

6. Lasting Brain Benefits

A study in Finland found that individuals who used the sauna more than half of the days of the week for 20 years had a significantly lower chance of getting Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The specific reason that the risk of those illnesses is lowered is unknown, but there’s certainly something positive that comes about when you’re put in the healing space of a sauna almost every day of your life. 

One suggestion is that the regular output of endorphins improves one’s mood generally. It seems as though our bodies are equipped to reward us when we’re doing things that are healthy and make us healthier when we’re doing things that make us happy. 

It’s hard to know if happy people are the way they are because they’re healthy, or if health comes more readily when a person is happy in the first place. Either way, happy people are generally healthier

Having a routine that provides deep relaxation, detoxification, and a bump in endorphins can certainly help you on the road to happiness. That road might also naturally steer you away from cognitive decline, which is pretty nice. 

7. Helps to Lose Weight

You shouldn’t bank on the sauna being your only solution to weight loss. A lot of companies will claim that you can lose significant amounts of weight by using the sauna, and that might be true over time. 

You want to couple sauna use with exercise, but know that sweating does burn calories. A normal sauna session can have you sweating out hundreds of calories from the energy your body uses to produce that much sweat. 

Sure, your cardio and strength training routines provide a chance to use more energy, but using the sauna is absolutely easier than exercising. If you make the habit of using the sauna often, you’ll find that you’re cutting significantly more calories. 

It’s similar to throwing your change in a jar at the end of the day. Over a few years, you might have saved up a couple thousand dollars. Similarly, you might lose ten or fifteen extra pounds from using the sauna alone. 

Need More Health Tips?

Whether you want to understand more hot sauna benefits or get your diet fine-tuned, we’re here to help. Getting in shape can be a grueling process, but it’s made easier when you have effective resources at your disposal. 

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