Home Remedies for Eyelash Growth

Around the world, long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty. Young girls and adult women often use fake eyelashes to look better. What if you could growth eyelashes naturally? Yes, it is possible, to grow eyelashes naturally. Some home remedies can help in this. This article discusses topmost home remedies for eyelashes growth. If you want to grow your eyelashes fast, this article is for you.

The wait is over; here are the safe and effective home remedies to enhance your eyelashes:

  • Drink Green Tea

You can get a number of benefits just by enjoying cups of green tea. Studies have shown that thicker, longer eyelashes are one of these benefits. Green tea is made of such components that can deliver a number of benefits for your body. If you are a green tea lover, chances are may have even already noticed eyelash growth.

  • Apply Aloe Vera

You have got to try this home remedy if you are serious about growing your eyelashes. The great benefits of Aloe Vera for hair and skin are an open secret. You can apply raw Aloe Vera extracts to provide your eyelash hair with fuel to grow bigger.

  • Eat onion and garlic

It might surprise you to know that eating garlic and onion can bring a variety of benefits for your body and hair. The amazing benefits of garlic and onion are no secret. The best thing is; they are found in every household. Even if you do not have them, you can easily get them from a grocery store.

  • Apply petroleum jelly

The use of petroleum jelly on eyelashes may seem weird to many but there are a number of reasons for doing this. You can apply petroleum jelly before going to bed and it is better to use a spoolie to apply it. You can use a face cleaner to wash it after getting up.

  • Use your lemon peels

East or the west, lemon peel is the best. You can get a variety of benefits for by regularly using lemon peels for the face. If you already try this method, must include your eyelashes the next time you do it. Lemon peels have natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

  • Give your eyes a massage

It is good to give your eyes massage on a regular basis. While doing so, please make sure you do not rub your eyes with force. Whether the scalp hair or the eyebrow hair, messaging regularly can help. Actually, the blood circulation to the area increases due to massage.

  • Apply oils for hair growth

People have been applying naturally-occurring oils to groom hair and such methods still work. There are some natural oils that can help grow eyelashes hair in a short time. For example, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc. It is important to mention that olive oil protects, lengthens and conditions eyelashes.

  • Avoid wearing eye makeup every day

Wearing makeup all day long and every day is not good for your eyelashes and eyelids. Actually, it is due to the reason that some components in your makeup can harm the sensitive areas such as eyelashes. For example, mascara can dry out your lashes and irritate your eyes

  • Never rub or pull on your eyelashes

Your eyelashes are very sensitive and you should never rub or pull them. Pulling or rubbing can cause damage to the area and delicate hair at this area can fall due to any pressure. If you have to massage this area, you should do it softly and delicately.

  • Apply a warm compress to your eyelids

You can nourish your eyelashes by applying a warm compress to your eyelids. This home remedy is helpful because it will unclog pores and deep clean your eyelids and lash lines. This simple home remedy can deliver promising results; so do not underestimate the significance of this method.

  • Be gentle when cleaning your eyelids and lashes

Eyelashes and eyelids are quite delicate and utmost care must be taken to clean when required. Please make sure you deal with this area with soft hands if you are washing face or applying the cream. They say prevention is better than cure. It is true utmost care must be taken each time it is required to touch the eyes or eyelashes area.

Eyelash Hair Growth: The End Result

This article discussed topmost home remedies for eyelashes growth. If you want to grow your eyelashes fast, you should follow the home remedies discussed in this article. If there are bald areas in your eyelashes or you want to increase hair volume in this area, you can also consider taking eyelash hair transplant. It is a surgical and invasive procedure and you should consult a hair restoration surgeon if you need more information about it.

Wish you all the best with your eyelash hair growth goals!

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