Guide to Setting up a Home Gym in Your Garage

A privately owned fitness space sounds like such a luxury, but there are just a few things you need to pull it off – a garage, a few pieces of exercise equipment, or just buy the best home gym set, and voila, you have yourself a home gym. Whether you want to work out for functional fitness, powerlifting, or just general fitness, you can pick the equipment that is most suitable for the workout routine you will be following. Another perk of owning a home garage gym is that you can choose to workout at your own time and rhythm instead of setting time aside time to make a trip to the gym. A personal fitness space is easy to access to fitness in this busy world is crucial, so here are a few tips to transform your garage into a fitness haven!

  • Declutter, Clean & Plan: Dedicating an entire day to thoroughly clearing out the garage is a good start for setting up a garage gym. Organize and declutter the existing things in your garage and clean the space. List the home gym equipment you are looking at and designate a spot for each item. This will help you to make optimum use of the garage; particularly if your garage space is limited. Think about how you can make the space in a way that motivates you to work out every day. Deliberate over color schemes, lighting, mirrors, quirky posters to complete the transformation. You can even look for inspiration online while planning.

  • Designated Storage Space: Storage and organization are crucial while converting a garage into a gym. Keep in mind to always keep your floor space uncluttered; this can be done by using both the walls to store gym accessories like towels, yoga mats, exercise balls, weightlifting gloves, resistance bands, workout DVDs, etc. by installing cabinets, shelves and hooks on walls can help you achieve this. When purchasing equipment, stick to the list of things you will use actively and if they will fit in the space allotted for it. Make sure you have equipment for both cardio and weight training according to your workout regime. You can also contemplate adding a small refrigerator to hold water, sports drinks, or ice packs.

  • Choose your equipment wisely: Rather than stocking your gym with all kinds of equipment, take your time and assess what you genuinely need depending on your goals. You may take help of a professional trainer while choosing home gym equipment. If you want to lose weight, you may need different gym equipment compared to someone looking to build muscles. Moreover, if you’re going to improve your strength and stamina, you’ll need a different setup. Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can stock up on top-quality equipment such as dumbbell, barbells and plates, dumbbell set, pull-up frame and bar, treadmill, stationary bicycle, rowing machine, fitness ball, kettlebell set, training bench, aerobic steppers, elliptical and more
  • Insulate and Ventilate: You may need to insulate the space and possibly install a heating source if you’re living in a colder climate. Nonetheless, for all climates, you need to ensure the garage has adequate airflow appropriate for a fitness space, and those who live in tropical or subtropical climates might want to install an air-conditioner to ensure the garage gym has sufficient airflow. Installing fans and air-conditioners will make sure that temperature remains under control for working out. Selecting gym wear also depends upon the weather of the place you live in.
  • Fixing the flooring: Since your typical garage flooring is not quintessential for working out and can be extremely uncomfortable if you attempted to work out on a concrete floor. Installing affordable and reliable options like carpet tiles or rubber floor tiles which are easily movable and can be stacked and stored are great options.
  • Personalize your space, add some Entertainment: There is a reason why commercial gyms have entertainment units installed, often blasting at high volume. Working out in complete silence can possibly make you quickly lose interest. Thus, investing in good quality speakers or a small television screen for some entertainment while working out is a good option. Energetic, Upbeat, and pop music of your choice will encourage you to push yourself to work harder. Feel free to add whatever gets you motivated to work out in your garage gym.

A fitness space at home will definitely help eliminate excuses and potentially be one of the best investments you can make for your health. With these handy tips, it won’t be as difficult as you think to get started and doesn’t necessarily need to happen all at once. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can transform your garage into a lavish fitness space.

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