Girls, Here’s Why You Need a Sports Bra While Working Out

You may assume that there is no need for a sports bra if you are not indulging in any strenuous physical activity. Even low impact exercises like jogging, walking or aerobics can cause uneasiness and discomfort if your breasts are not held firmly and adequately by a suitable bra. Sports bra are designed and crafted to provide the maximum support and to hold your breast tightly and firmly when you exercise. Traditional bras are not designed for this purpose, so they do not provide the necessary support while body movement and may cause strain on your breast.

Choosing the right one

Choosing the right sports bra for women is essential to get the maximum support and comfort for any level of physical exercise. Wearing wrong size bra can cause not only discomfort but pain and soft tissue damage to your breast. Excellent quality and the right sized bra gives the ultimate support and comfort to lead an active, dynamic lifestyle. You must choose a sports bra according to the activity you are indulging in. There are three categories of sports bra underlining three levels of support.

  • Low support/impact designed for jogging, walking, yoga, and strength training.
  • Medium support/impact crafted for cycling, hiking, and skiing.
  • High Medium support/impact designed for any athletic activities like running, jumping, aerobics, and mountain biking.

If you lead a very active lifestyle and perform different sports activities, it is sensible to buy different styles of bras to suit various physical activities.

Design nuances

Sports bras for women are designed to reduce movement of your breast while exercising. Encapsulation sports bras look similar to a regular bra. Individual cups of the bra encase and hold each breast firmly and separately. There is no compression and grant a more natural shape to your breast. Compression sports bra are typical pullover apparel. They squeeze your breast to the chest to restrict movement. They have no inbuilt cups and perfect for low to medium impact sports activities. Encapsulation/compression sports bras are a combination of the above mentioned designs to give you the ultimate support and comfort. They are best for high impact activities.

Features and usage

  • Band of the bra is the key source of support. The band should snug around your rig cage perfectly. If you can place just two fingers between the band and your body, then it is a sign of a perfect fit. Wide bands give more support than narrow ones.
  • Shoulder straps should fit firmly and provide nominal stress in the up-down movement. You must be able to place two fingers between your shoulder and strap; this ensures it is not too tight or loose. Wide straps provide better support and comfort than slender ones as it disperses weight more proportionately. Adjustable straps present the most customizable fit and mostly found in an encapsulation sports bra.
  • Back closure: Most sports bras are pulled over type, but some have a back closure with hooks. This design gives you better comfort. Further, it is more comfortable to wear. While wearing a new sports bra, use the furthermost hook, this stretches the bra to the fullest extent. After that, you can use the closest hook to have a comfortable fit.
  • Underwire: This feature in a sports bra supports each breast individually and minimizes movements of your breast while working out. The underwire should be just below your breast tissue attach to the rib cage without any discomfort or pinch.
  • Wicking fabrics absorb moisture from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable. The more supportive bras are less absorptive because of sturdier material and design.


A good quality sports bra for gym has all these benefits to give you full support and comfort.

Fashionable yet supportive

It is tremendously stylish to wear your sports bra in the yoga or aerobics class, but it also has benefits. It restricts breast movement in workouts, hence giving you comfort. It reduces breast pain and unwanted movement while exercising, which can cause you embarrassment in public places. Sports bra curtail sagging as it firmly and securely holds your breast. If you go through cosmetic surgery or incur injury, then a sports bra is strongly suggested. Sports bra are befriended in the gym, but regular ones push up and hold on a daily basis. If your breast is not appropriately restrained, even in low impact exercise, it may cause soreness, pain, and sag due to repetitive movement of the soft tissue of your breast. They are designed to offer maximum support and hold it firmly during workouts.

Reduce sagging

Research exhibits that repetitive movement of the breast without adequate support can lead to long term sagging. Scientist at the University of Portsmouth reveals that regular bras cannot restrain the movements of the breast. Sports bra stops untimely sagging. Sports bra saves you from many unwanted stares and embarrassment while running on a treadmill or jogging in a park. Excellent quality and appropriate size sports bra fit perfectly around your breast, holds it firmly while reducing movement significantly, and prevents it from bouncing during exercise. If you have a big bust, then this kind of bra is a boon to you.

A great alternative

You can wear it at home doing regular chores and no longer limited to work out sessions. It is comfortable to wear, as most of them are pulled over and do not leave marks on your skin. They provide you with great comfort and support and tend to forget you are wearing something beneath your shirt. After cosmetic surgery sports bra quickens the healing process, doctors also recommend it over regular bras.

Reduce breast pain

Muscle ligaments of your breast move randomly whenever there is movement; it can be up, down, or sideways. These movements can cause pain in your breast after strenuous exercise. Sports bras are designed to arrest the breast movement, so you may feel less or no pain after a spirited workout. If you experience pain after exercise, wear an appropriate size, and designed sports bra. If the pain persists in spite of wearing a sports bra, immediately consult your family physician to diagnose and cure it.

Some points to ponder about

Breast sizes are inherited from either parent, so your sister may have a smaller or bigger bust than you. Generally, your left breast is one fifth larger than your right one. Breast are not only made of fat but includes glands and ducts; it is a complex system. There is muscle underneath each breast, and fibrous tissues separate it from ribs. But after a certain age, your breast turns mostly to fat. During pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause your breast swell. When you run, your breast moves around eight inches with every stride, and the sports bra restrict the movement to a substantial level.

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