Getting Started with an Active Lifestyle

When it comes to life, sometimes it can be a grind. Between work, relationships, kids, money issues, and food, it can be hard to catch a break. For most people, staying healthy is put on the back burner because, after everything you do in a day, you’re tired and want to snuggle under your blankets. The last thing you want to do after a stressful day at work is to go for a run or lift weights.

But the cool thing about living an active lifestyle is you don’t have to immediately start with a 10-mile marathon! Maybe just go for a light jog around the neighborhood. Or eat a salad with light dressing instead of a pepperoni pizza for dinner. Or have only one scoop of ice cream for dessert, instead of a whole carton! Check out some of these tips on how to get started with an active lifestyle.

  • Start with a Friend! Big life changes are always so much easier when you have a friend you can lean on. Make a plan to go to the gym together twice a week or have a yoga night. Whatever it is, do it together so you can help each other stay motivated! Accountability is key.
  • Inspire Yourself with a New Wardrobe! It may sound silly, but shopping for a new wardrobe is a major motivator! The modern-day women’s active lifestyle comes with some really functional outfits. Try a cute athleisure pair of leggings to be comfortable and ready for a workout!
  • Get Enough Sleep! Yes, you still need to sleep. Sleep is important for a well-rounded, healthy, active lifestyle. Did you know that your muscles actually grow in your sleep? In order to have strong muscles and to be ready to conquer the next day, you need those 7-9 hours of beauty sleep!
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  • Reorganize Your Diet! In order to have a successful active lifestyle, you have to have a healthy diet. But that doesn’t mean fasting or only drinking juice for dinner! Portion control is huge when it comes to healthy eating. Focus on colorful foods like fresh fruits and veggies. Know the right foods to eat before a workout to maximize the effects!
  • Get Creative! Every person has different needs. A traditional treadmill in the living room might work for one person, while another person needs to be around nature and exercise outside. You might need to get creative to make a routine that works for you. Think outside the box until something feels right.
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  • Exercise Somewhere Beautiful! Living an active lifestyle can be much easier when you love where you exercise. Try a short hike or a walk on the beach. Even busy cities often have parks or gardens or quiet bike paths.
  • Be Kind to Yourself! Hey, starting something new can be difficult. It’s easy to slip up and take one step forward, two steps back. That’s okay! When these things happen, remember to be kind to yourself. As Scarlett O’Hara said in Gone With The Wind:  “Tomorrow is another day!”
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