Fruits & Vegetables That Are Good for Your Teeth

Your smile is the first thing that people notice in you. That is why you have to be conscious and take optimum care of your oral health. As what you eat has a significant impact on your oral health hence you should keep a check on what you consume on a daily basis.

Fruits and vegetables have always been associated with healthy living. Eating fruits happens to be an effective way of keeping the teeth healthy as well as for building immunity. You should include them in your diet because they are not only great for your oral health but also your overall health.

The teeth and gums are protected by the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in these fruits and vegetables. Your oral health will be affected by how often you consume certain fruits and veggies.

If you frequently eat and drink without brushing and rinsing, it can give rise to plaque and tartar in your mouth as you let the food stay in the mouth. Shield the teeth by finishing every meal with fresh veggies and fruits as the high content of water in them helps to keep the teeth and gums spick and span.

Your oral health is benefitted by some specific fruits and vegetables. Here is a list so that you can have a clear idea about what should be essential inclusions in your regular diet.

  • Apples – An apple a day is great for the teeth. Although it is not a substitute for the toothbrush eating an apple can help to clean the teeth and also help to enhance the salivation. This can neutralize the malic and citric acids that are left behind in the mouth. While the sugary apple juice can lead to the formation of tooth decay, but the fresh apples are much better than the ripe ones. This is because the fibrous texture of apples when chewed stimulate the gums further by reducing the bacteria that enhances the flow of saliva. More saliva helps to decreases the amount of acidity in the mouth and also washes the food particles that can lead to the decay of food.
  • Carrots – Just like apples, carrots are also full of fibers and are crunchy in nature. Your saliva production in the mouth enhances when you have a handful of carrots at the end of the meal. Moreover, carrots are also a source of Vitamin A. You can enjoy the baby carrots or can go for carrots in a salad as per your preference.
  • Bananas – Bananas are loaded with health benefits as they are rich in potassium, minerals, and vitamins. Added to that, this fruit does not stick to the teeth and the inner part of the banana peel helps in whitening the teeth. Banana peels are a great source of vitamins and minerals and hence are safe for teeth cleaning. They do not have the abrasiveness that the other natural cleaners possess, and the best part is that they are super affordable. The minerals like magnesium, potassium, and manganese get absorbed by the teeth and that result in the teeth getting whitened.
  • Celery – An effective weapon against the bacteria in the mouth happens to be celery. Celery is made of mostly water and is stringy and have very little color to it. The plaque that is lodged between the teeth is picked by celery. The grooves between the teeth are cleaned by celery and that also keep them free of germs and food.
  • Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits have large amounts of vitamin C and are great for the oral health.  If you chew the fresh and fiber-rich fruits your gums get massaged, your teeth get cleaned and salivation is enhanced. As a result of that, salivation is improved in your mouth.  Watermelons, oranges, and pears happen to be the best in this case.
  • Cruciferous Veggies and Leafy Greens – Your body is provided by a variety of minerals and vitamins necessary for maintaining your oral health by spinach, asparagus, watercress, mustard greens, kale, lettuce, chard, endive, collard greens and cabbage. These leafy greens include minerals like magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. Brussels, broccoli, cauliflowers, and kale are rich in phosphorus and vitamin C. The teeth and bones contain and require phosphorus and it has a key role in helping the body absorb the magnesium and calcium. A high amount of magnesium is contained in spinach and other leafy veggies.

The above are some fruits and veggies that are great for your oral health and should be included in your regular diet. By consuming these and by taking care of your teeth and gums with regular visits to the dental clinic you can avoid going for root canal treatment frequently and will be able to flaunt your smile and keep at bay oral trouble for years to come.

This article is a guest post by Neer Tiwari.

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