Four Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Body Posture

Do you find yourself agonizing over an aching back, sore neck, or throbbing shoulders? Can you feel your knee bones creaking every time you get up from your desk? If yes, then your lifestyle and working habits are disrupting your natural body postures.

Sitting excessively, as is the norm in desk jobs, and a sedentary lifestyle can compromise our physical and mental health. Did you know that there’s a medical term for this condition? It’s called the sitting disease, and it induces severe pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and legs. Static posture can compromise your spine’s shape and position, exerting excessive stress on your back, shoulder, arms, and legs.

How can you correct your posture and eliminate backaches that kill your productivity levels? You must identify and overcome the bad habits that are destroying your posture. Keep reading to identify the mistakes you’re making every day.

We don’t notice how the simplest of movements affect our overall body posture and muscle groups. Now, tilting the head is a movement that should only involve your head and neck muscles, right? Wrong. This simple movement has an impact on your back, shoulder, and neck.

1. Excessive Tilting

When the computer or laptop screen is not in the right eye-level position, you will have to title your head and body. It is crucial to ensure that your eyes align at least 2-3 inches below the screen’s top. This position will help you avoid tilting your head excessively and sit up straight with an erect posture.

It’s a comfortable position that will help you focus and eliminate the strain on your back and neck.

2. Neglecting Posture-Correction Support

Many people are aware that their posture is incorrect, and its steadily damaging their back, spine, shoulders, and neck muscles. And yet, they continue neglecting this pressing concern and suffer silently from backaches and neck spasms. 

It’s crucial to invest in posture-correction products and ergonomic support tools the second you identify posture incorrectness. Explore posture correcting aids online and read their reviews from authentic websites. Well, in that case, companies like can be your one-stop solution. Such companies offer a collection of functional and budget-friendly posture-correcting products.

Maintaining a neutral and balanced posture is very challenging while sitting at a desk all day. But posture-correcting belts, braces, and ergonomic support products can help you overcome bad habits. Using a posture corrector will help you develop the habit of sitting for long hours with a neutral spine.

3. Leaning Forward While Sitting

Do you keep your back flat and erect against the chair while working on your desk? More importantly, do you pull your shoulders back and recline against the chair?

Sitting with your shoulders and back stooping forward is a posture hazard that can damage your spine. Leaning forward for long hours is a bad habit that can damage your spine alignment and give rise to severe backaches. Leaning also creates a strain on the shoulders, giving rise to neck and shoulder pains.

Do you feel tired and exhausted after sitting for long hours? People often wonder why they feel so drained despite sitting all day and not exerting themselves physically. This exhaustion stems from your incorrect posture and excessive leaning because it creates a strain on your muscles.

It is crucial to make sure that your back perfectly aligns against the chair’s cushiony support. If you suffer from backaches, it is ideal to invest in a chair with padded memory foam cushioning and ergonomic support.

4. Damaging Leg & Feet Postures

The way we place our legs, feet, and ankles while sitting impacts our spinal alignment and back posture profoundly. Simple feet and leg placement mistakes can put a person at risk for chronic backaches and mobility issues.

Do you rest your feet flat on the floor while sitting on your desk? Or you let them hang against the desk or on the edge of your chair? Angling your feet against your chair or desk may seem more comfortable but is unhealthy. More alarmingly, it can damage your knee health and give rise to pain each time you bend the knees.

It’s best to place your feet flat on the ground so you can bend your knees at a balanced angle. Experts suggest taking off your shoes so your feet can relax, especially if you wear high heels and stilettos. Try adjusting the chair’s height to achieve the right balance where you can plant your feet on the ground comfortably. If you find it easier to extend your legs, invest in a footrest.

Crossing the legs or ankles is another mistake that can adversely affect your posture. Research reveals that sitting in a crossed legs posture is harmful to the back and other bodily organs. It gives rise to muscular aches and high blood pressure levels. If you feel the need to cross your legs, get up from your desk and do some squats or lunges instead.


Most posture damages stem from seating positions and placements. If you spend most of your day sitting, it’s crucial to create a healthy environment. Invest in memory foam cushions, posture correctors, and an ergonomic chair. A comfortable seating area and adjustable chair will help your body maintain a neutral posture without tiring.

It’s also essential to take a 5-10 breather after every hour. Stand up from your desk and do a few simple stretches to loosen the tension in your spine, shoulders, and neck.

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