Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

It could be very frustrating when your partner is ready to go, and you discover you are not in the mood again. But, you are not alone in this. According to various studies and research, over 32% American women between the ages of 18 and 59 are affected by low sex drive while over 15% of American men also struggle with low libido.

These studies also pointed it out that several factors may be responsible for low sex drive but the chief among them is emotions, diet, and lifestyle factors.

Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive 1 - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

When it comes to the issue of how willingly you want to have sex, your hormones are the major determinant here. Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and androgen are the primary sex hormones driving your libido. Therefore, a reduced level of any of them could result in low sex drive, especially testosterone.

Though testosterone is generally regarded as a male hormone, it is also produced in small amount by females in their adrenal glands and ovaries, and it is considered to be the strongest hormone for sexual desire both in men and women.

While there could be several factors that kills your sex drive including, stress, too much or too little exercise, excessive consumption of processed foods, smoking and alcohol, there are also several effective natural ways to boost your libido.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

1. Eating Some Foods That Can Help Boost Your Libido

Foods Libido Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

There are some certain foods that could help increase your libido, especially the ones that increase dopamine levels. Dopamine has been linked with sex drive as low level of the pleasure neurotransmitter equals low libido, and thus plays an essential role in regulating how much you will want to have sex.

Dopamine can be increased by including more tyrosine-rich foods in your diet as dopamine s synthesized from L-tyrosine. Such foods include spirulina, almonds, eggs, bananas, avocado, and raw cacao powder.

2. Essential Oils Could Help

OIls Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

While the mechanism behind essential oil’s ability to boost the libido is not well understood, it is evident that their natural calming scents can help reduce stress and thus enhance women’s desire to have it rough under the sheet. Studies have been carried out on certain oils such as the saffron and nutmeg and have been found to have a positive effect on increasing sexual desire.

3. Foods Rich In L-Arginine

Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive 2 - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

Arginine has been found to be very helpful in boosting the libido as it is converted into nitric acid in the body which, in turn, increases oxygen levels of the blog and also promotes dilation of blood vessels. When sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood causes you to be more energized while increased levels of nitric acid have also been linked to an improved erectile function in men.

Therefore, increasing your consumption of some arginine-rich food is a smart and natural way of revving up your libido. Such foods include spinach, turkey, chard, spirulina, asparagus, and broccoli.

4. Panax Ginseng

ginseng Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

For several years, Panax ginseng has been used in Chinese traditional medicine to boost libido because of its unique property to increase nitric oxide production. Other herbs that have also been used for this purpose include gingko biloba, damiana, and maca roots.

5. Resistance Training

resistance training Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive - Five Ways to Naturally Increase Sex Drive

Testosterone is an important sex drive hormone as earlier stated and getting sufficient amount of it means having an excellent sex drive. A good way to increase this hormone in the body is through resistance or strength training. This high-intensity exercise can help increase its production.

One good thing about using exercise to boost testosterone production is that it does not only help increase testosterone level but also leaves a positive touch on your weight and help you shed some unwanted fat. This alone has a heavy impact on your confidence; both in and out of the bedroom.

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