Fitness Tips For Women During Quarantine

The covid situation is really not showing any signs of improvement. The only thing that is certain is that we need a vaccine desperately. Only with a vaccine can life go back to the way it was, back to normal. It is important to also realize that the development of the vaccine will take some time and it would not be the best idea to rush the development process. It needs to be thoroughly checked and made sure that it is safe before it is given out to the general public.

As that can take up to two years, it has become more important than ever to take care of ourselves during the quarantine. It is vitally important that we stay healthy and active during this trying time. It is not only necessary to keep our physical fitness in check but it is also a means to making sure that our mental health is also looked after. The two are equally benefited by physical exercise. It is also for the reason that if we do not take proper care of ourselves during this lockdown, we may in fact be more at risk to COVID in general.

Staying active physically will make our immune systems stronger and also increase our ability to fight off the virus. Another important thing here is that it is very, very important to stay engaged during the lockdown. If we are not staying engaged with tasks and goals, we are more prone to developing unhealthy habits and thoughts, the results of which will far outlast the coronavirus.

A lot of people are finding it harder to stay physically active during quarantine as they were completely dependent on the gym to get their workout in. Many of us do not have proper equipment to work out at home. A lot of us are wondering how exactly do we maintain the level of fitness that we do have without access to a gym.

The most fundamental and important thing to realize is that you do not really need a gym or any equipment, in fact, to stay active and to work out. It may come as a surprise to you, but the exercise does not need to resemble absolutely anything you did at the gym. In this article, we will highlight a few ways that you can exercise and build on your fitness levels without ever going to the gym or using any sort of fancy equipment.

The Conventional Options

Let us first take a look at some of the classic exercises you can do without needing any sort of equipment.

The most basic and obvious thing to do is to go outside for a walk or run WHILE maintaining proper social distancing rules. The plus point for this is that you will be able to get some fresh air as well from going outside. You will also be exposed to the very important natural light. Natural light is a proven mood and energy booster. It also improves our sleep and gives the body a healthy dose of natural Vitamin D.

Another thing you can do, is to look up workout apps. There are a ton available and many are designed without there ever being the need for workout equipment or any fancy gyms. They are made so that the average person who just wants to get a workout in can do so. There are a lot of subscription based fitness apps available that are offering a lot of discounts during the lockdown. Some have even made their services free for a while and this is a thing you must take advantage of if you want to make the most out of your quarantined life.

The not so conventional options

Get yourself busy with work around your home. You may find a lot of chores in and around the house that will seriously force you to exert yourself physically and as a result, get a solid workout in. Does the yard need some work? Or maybe it is the lawn that needs to be mowed. The flower bed around the house, does that need weeding? This type of work in the yard is a fantastic way to get some exercise in.

Want to know a particularly fun thing that burns calories and fat? It is very simple, just turn on your music of choice and just dance around in the house. If there are kids in the house, they can get involved in this type of exercise as well. Now that we have mentioned kids, there are some games you can play that not only will keep the kids engaged but will also make you sweat a bit. Hide and seek is a perfect example of this. You can even try other games like Twister, Charades, etc.

For the gym goers

People who are used to going to the gym and getting a certain kind of workout in, may really find it difficult to stay motivated during quarantine when access to the gym is more or less gone. The lockdown is seriously hampering the routine that many had prior to covid. What we want to do to combat this is to create a new routine that is similar to the one that we had pre-covid.

For example, if you are the kind of mom who likes to get their exercise in after dropping off the kids at school, you may want to get your kids and make them do the first 30 minutes of schoolwork while you do your exercise. It can be a walk or following a workout video etc. On the other hand, if you, for example, worked out at the end of the day after work, you can make it a routine to workout at the end of the day. Do this before you switch gears over to family time. This is a very good way to maintain the discipline and routine you had before and will also help to transition between work mode and family mode.

Schedule your workouts

You should be scheduling your workout just like you would schedule anything else, you ought to put it down on a calendar. Research has shown that people who put exercise into their to-do list are people who are much more likely to follow through and actually do the exercises. The five-minute rule can be used as well if you are not particularly feeling like working out. The five-minute rule is basically deciding to do something for 5 minutes after which if the person is still not feeling like it, they can decide to not do the task. This can really work wonders with exercise as getting started is the first step that many people are afraid to take.

The exercises should be planned as being a break from work. All of us are having to work from home and as such we might not give ourselves the breaks we deserve and more importantly, need. If we plan to get in a short workout during the break, we will soon find that we are accomplishing a lot of our goals simultaneously. Not only are we using the break more effectively and proactively but we are also getting our workout in. If we divide the whole workout in shorter parts scheduled to be completed throughout the day, we may be more motivated to get it done. It may come as a surprise but three 10 minute workouts are equally as good as one longer thirty minutes one.

Another pro tip when exercising is to get the workout out of the way as being the first thing in the morning we do. This can be challenging but if we put our minds into it, we can just get it done and not have to worry about doing it later on. A lot of research has proven that people who get a task done the first thing in the morning are much more likely to be positive minded for the rest of the day and also be more productive.

Another fun thing that may act as a goal to get, can be to sign up for a 5k or any other fitness program. This will give us a definite goal to work towards while also giving us an opportunity to flex our new found fitness. It really does help to stay motivated if you have an end goal in mind. A fitness event may be just that.

The only thing that we are certain of during these tough times is that there is going to be a lot of uncertainty going forward. Everything can seem and feel like it is out of control. In these particularly trying times, it really does help to focus on something that we have control over. This will really help with controlling our stress and anxiety as well. The one thing that we do have control over is self-care and now is the perfect time to indulge in it.

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