Fitness During Lockdown: 4 Tips for Exercising if the Local Gyms Are Closed

As coronavirus continues to spread, many businesses, including spas and health clubs, are being forced or choosing to close. The public is urged to practice social distancing, and people are left on their own to find ways to exercise that do not rely on fitness facilities.

The good news is, today people have a lot of options. From using Life Fitness cables to getting outdoors, keep reading for some of the top tips to remain active during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

1. Weights Are Not Always Needed

Even if someone is unable to go to the gym, there are several exercises they can do at home. While some people have their own fitness equipment at home, others can rely on bodyweight exercises, which are also highly effective in building strength and stamina.

If someone is at home and they do not have a lot of equipment to use, consider a full-body exercise. One option is the plank, and another is the burpee. A quick search can reveal an array of other bodyweight exercises, too.

Another option is to keep doing weight-based exercises that are usually done with heavier weights at the gym, just substitute the weighted equipment for more repetitions. For example, if someone typically uses 10 pounds for arm curls at the gym, they can do more of the movement and eventually feel the burn.

2. Be Social and Distant

Another recommendation is to plan “isolated” workouts and training sessions with friends. When everyone must stay at home, they can become lonely and depressed. Try video chatting with friends while engaging in some type of exercise. Some athletes are using Google Hangouts or FaceTime to chat with one another while completing workout circuits.

Coordinating workouts with friends also helps with accountability. Some people are training at home with stationary bicycles to create “virtual” rides to do with others.

3. Technology Innovations

If someone does not want to have to set their own workout, the internet is ready and able to help out. There are an array of exercise routines and plans online, some free and some paid. Many of them require minimal or no equipment to participate in.

Some local fitness studios, gyms, and trainers are adjusting coaching and classes to ensure they can still provide fitness sessions. This includes live-streaming classes so individuals can still enjoy the social aspect of the workout.

4. Get Outdoors

While many local events and races are being canceled or postponed, residents can still get sunshine and fresh air while remaining socially distanced. It is safe to go outside, just do not be in larger groups. Take time to go for a walk or hike but try to avoid touching your face.

Staying Active During the COVID Shutdown

While it may seem challenging at first, most people are finding a new routine to stay fit and active during the shutdown. Keep the tips and information here in mind to make the most of this time and to avoid putting on the pandemic 15 (pounds, that is). Being informed and using the best ideas (listed above) will help anyone remain active and healthy, regardless of the state of the world.  Do not let the weirdness and uncertainty of the world impact fitness -; this is something each person can control.

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