Feeling Under the Weather? Signs You Should Get Tested for COVID

The pandemic has caused anxiety and worry across the globe. With many loved ones and strangers falling ill, you want to do your part in ensuring you stay healthy for yourself and the ones around you. 

How do you know if you need COVID testing, though? Many people who test positive have different symptoms and some have none. Most of the symptoms are also the same as the common cold, which is a different strain of the coronavirus. 

In this guide below, you’ll discover all the signs that you should receive your own COVID test. Continue reading to find out more. 

You’ve Been Exposed

Don’t wait until you feel sick to get tested if you know you’ve been exposed to the virus. If you’ve been around someone who’s tested positive for the virus, then you should be proactive and get tested and quarantine as well. You might have the virus without symptoms yet and could spread it to loved ones. 

If you were around someone who was around someone different who tested positive, then get tested in this situation too. Even if the person you were around hasn’t tested themselves yet, you should still get your own test done. 

You Have The Symptoms

If you have the symptoms of the virus, then you’ll want to get tested. Some of the most common COVID 19 symptoms are as follows:

  • Fever and chills
  • Trouble breathing or shortness of breath
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion and runny nose
  • Fatigue

Remember, these are just a few of the symptoms. If you experience any of these or a combination of these with other symptoms, then be sure to get tested. 

Your Doctor Advises It

It’s always best to follow your doctor’s orders as they might recognize something you don’t. If you visit your doctor and after listening to the reasons you came in, they believe you should be tested, get tested. 

A doctor might also advise you to get tested depending on the type of work you do on a daily basis. There are several locations you can go to receive your COVID 19 test with ease. Find a location near you and the process should be quick and simple.

You’re Around Compromised Immune Systems

If you’re the caregiver of an elderly person, or if you’re around anyone else with a compromised immune system, then you should get yourself tested. Make sure you’re free of the virus before placing yourself around someone who could easily get it. 

If someone with a compromised immune system contracts the virus, it could be deadly for them. You should also take proper precautions while around them as well, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and completing daily health screenings.

Do You Need COVID Testing?

Are you in need of a COVID 19 test? If you’re experiencing any of these signs listed above, then be sure to schedule yourself an appointment to have the test done. 

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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