Everything You Should Know Before Going for Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is a procedure to gain a precise balance of estrogen and progesterone in your body, especially during or near the menopause stage. Menopausal hormone therapy helps you reduce the impact of menopausal symptoms, especially skin issues.

Menopause begins after your last period, but the symptoms of menopause come to the surface a few years before menopause starts. It brings noticeable changes to your skin, your hair, and your body. The entire process will make a significant impact on the hormones.

The body undergoes severe hormonal changes as both estrogen and progesterone start decreasing. Many women face dry skin, thinning of hair, sleep problems, bone thinning, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and too much sweat during menopause.

The skin takes the highest impact as it starts getting wrinkled, grows acne, becomes super dry and dull. It slowly becomes very sensitive to the external environment, body products, and so on. The hormone imbalance is the root cause of many of the problems. The best way to address this severe issue is through HRT. It helps you gain some control over your skin and reduce the symptoms. Well, continue reading to know the benefits and get back your glowing and stiff skin!

Benefits of Hormone replacement therapy for your skin

HRT brings balance

HRT can be taken by oral medication, injections, and surgical methods, depending on your condition. It brings in a balance between estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. Besides that, therapy helps us to overcome the side effects of early menopause symptoms in women. The entire process takes two days to start showing noticeable changes.

Most women face hormonal changes due to surgeries, side effects of medications in early years, and genetics. Hormone replacement therapy can help them undo these early symptoms and balance all the hormones precisely.

Gain skin glow

The hormone therapy helps to keep the skin hydrated and reduces wrinkles caused by dryness. It can do so by bringing a balance of hormones and slows the aging process in the body. This, in turn, reduces the wrinkles and tightens the loose skin. It is a long process, but you will notice an immediate halt to the loosening of skin. The existing damaged skin will eventually be cured.

The doctor will prescribe you either estrogen or progesterone based on your requirement. The medication will make you look younger and get your skin to glow back. You can also opt for bio-identical hormone therapy that uses plant-derived hormones to give you naturally glowing skin.

Increase collagen

Collagen is the main form of protein in humans. It is the foundation of bones, tendons, muscles, hairs, skin, and ligaments. Lower collagen levels during menopause can lead to loose skin, weakened bones, and hair fall.

Hormone replacement therapy may help your skin from sagging and loosening. It can aid your body to start producing good quality collagen cells that can strengthen your bones, reduce hair fall and the sagging of skin. The therapy will have a long-term impact on the body.

Reduces epidermal thinning

Low estrogen levels will lead to hormonal imbalance in epidermal thinning. Epidermal thinning is the skin thinning over the nerves in the hands, legs, and other parts. This is common in aged people, but early symptoms are noticed in women during menopause.

Epidermal thinning or skin aging is harmful as you can get bruises easily, you won’t be able to carry a heavy workload, and the bones also start to brittle over time. All this can be avoided with hormonal replacement therapy. It will help to reduce epidermal thinning and increase collagen in the body. The hormones will get back to normal, and the body regains health and strength.

What are the types of hormone therapy available?

There are many hormone therapy treatments available, but you need a consultation with your dermatologist before deciding which therapy helps you the best and makes you look younger.

Estrogen therapy

Sometimes, only the estrogen levels go down and impact the skin and the body. Doctors will prescribe only estrogen pills or cream to overcome the imbalance. The applied cream will slowly reduce the acne and wrinkles and make your loose skin look tighter and stiffer. Make sure you take minimum doses every day, as higher doses will have the opposite impact.

Estrogen Progesterone / Progestin Hormone therapy:

Most women need this as the hormones decrease drastically due to the perimenopause stage. Doctors prescribe a combination therapy where both estrogen and progesterone are prescribed in required quantities. They are either taken in pills or injections and show immediate changes in the body and the skin.


Menopause is a stage of life that any woman cannot avoid. It can only be treated to have a lesser impact and gain hormonal balance in the body. Hormone imbalance impacts one’s moods, skin, hair, bones, and body. It is essential you address the issue as early as possible. Hormone replacement therapy will help women slow the process, help them get the right levels of hormones in the body, and prevent skin aging.

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