The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

The fact that you landed on this page could mean that you’re desperately trying to lose fat but have probably had little success in doing so. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You see, gaining fat is easy but losing fat is that much harder. While it’s easy to say that you should eat a clean diet and exercise to avoid getting fat in the first place, the reality is many of us lose control easily and end up becoming more fat then we should be.

And that’s why fat loss is such a popular topic – so many people are in need of it. There’s so much content on the web to help you lose fat yet thousands of people struggle with obesity and find it extremely difficult to lose fat.

For most people, especially those who are obese, the problem is simple. They eat more than they burn, and their diet is not clean. It really is that simple, however, because of all the advice and information out there about fat loss, people usually end up complicating things.

You’ll often find people trying all sorts of fat loss exercise routines like treadmill running, HIIT, Zumba, etc but then are unable to get rid of their bad habit of eating ice cream after dinner every day. Or in other cases, you’ll see people eating salad and nothing but salad, but can’t get themselves to move enough to actually burn calories. Again, you must burn more calories than you eat. If that’s hard to grasp, “eat fewer calories than you burn”.

So in this article, listed below is an Eight-fold path to fat loss that is guaranteed to help you lose fat if you’re consistent. And no, there’s no Buddhism philosophy involved, just plain simple common sense with scientifically backed health evidence.

Basically, there are 8 things in this plan that you need to follow religiously for at least a few months. The longer you stick, the better the results. There are 8 simple rules, all you need to do is muster up some discipline and follow them religiously, and you’re good to go. Feel free to come back here and yell in the comments if you did not lose fat after following this eight-fold path to fat loss 🙂

1. Walk every day for 1 hour

walk eight fold path to fat loss - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need hardcore and strenuous exercise to burn fat. Studies have shown that a morning walk is more effective in burning fat and improving heart health compared to jogging or running. Emphasis on a MORNING walk – this is vital because your body uses up fat reserves as energy early in the morning given you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet. This will help burn fat more effectively.

Wake up early (5 am earliest to 7 am latest) and go outside and walk for 1 hour, every single day. That’s all the exercise you’ll need. If you choose to do other forms of exercise on top of this such as weightlifting, swimming, etc, that will be an added bonus to speed up the fat loss process.

But in essence, all you need to do at a minimum is walk for 1 hour every day, it doesn’t get more simple than that. Some of you might find this boring, you can listen to music or better yet, listen to an audio-book while you walk just like how the great Elliot Hulse does. This way, you’re exercising and getting smarter at the same time. How good is that?

2. Drink lots of water

water food to keep you awake - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Drinking water is essential to losing fat in order to keep you hydrated during exercise, to clean out toxins, and to assist in metabolism. You really need ample an ample amount of water intake to help your body processes lose that fat faster. We’re talking around 3 to 5 liters of water daily.

Philanthropically speaking, you may argue that you should only drink how much water you need, and no more, since many people around the world don’t have enough water. Well, if you want to lose fat, you need more water and there’s nothing more to it.

Here’s a quick guide doctors often recommend to determine how much water you should drink.

Take your weight in Kgs, divide it in half, and then by 10, and that’s how many liters of water you need. For example, a 60kg person should drink 3.0L of water every single day.

3. Avoid sugary drinks and processed juice

juice eight fold path to fat loss - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

If you seriously want to lose fat, no more processed bottled sugary drinks for you starting today. These drinks are generously filled with sugars. Also, here’s a quick reality check – consuming fat does not make you fat, consuming sugar does.

You must avoid drinks like processed fruit juices, energy drinks, soft drinks, sugary sodas, beer, and even root beer. Most bottled drinks and fruit juices that claim to be healthy are really not. Instead, prepare fresh fruit juice at home or buy only organic fruit juice with no added sugars.

4. Minimize intake of sugar, salt, starch, bread, and rice

snack 705213 960 720 - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Sugar, salt, starch, bread, and white rice – these five ingredients are the silent killers in making you fat. People don’t usually realize how much carbohydrates these foods have and so they don’t limit their intake of them. However, the average quantity of these foods that people eat daily is enough to make most people of average metabolism gain weight.

If you’re looking for alternatives, you can use brown rice instead of white rice and butter/cheese instead of salt. If you’re willing to make these changes in your diet, you should see results within a week of abstinence from these 5 ingredients.

5. Go all out on vegetables

brocolis 2478707 960 720 - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Aside from all the health benefits vegetables have, the good quantity of fiber and vitamins in them can help speed up fat loss. Increase your intake of vegetables, leafy greens in particular, and you’ll be amazed how much lighter and leaner you will be.

6. Eat lean, protein-dense foods

salmon food to keep you awake - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Protein-dense foods not only help your muscular system but they help you break down fat and burn it faster. Focus your diet on lean, protein-dense foods such as chicken breasts, lean cuts of beef/pork, fish, eggs, milk, and nuts.

7. Eat fiber foods and eliminate salt to drop water weight

Recipes to spice up the boring Brocolli - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

In most cases of people who are overweight and obese, they’re usually carrying more water weight than they should be, making them appear even more fat. When you feel bloated or more fat towards the side of your stomach, chances are your water levels are high.

Salt is soluble in water so it dissolves in your body and keeps the water there. So if you don’t consume salt in the first place, that extra water weight will be gone making you leaner instantly. Fiber-dense foods like Broccoli also help in dropping water weight.

8. Chill, calm down, avoid stress, and trust the process

relax juice eight fold path to fat loss - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

Last but not the least, just relax and calm down, and trust the process. Avoid stress as much as possible since stress releases Cortisol which makes you fat.

Don’t be worried about the outcome or the end and how you will manage to lose so much fat. Just focus on the now, the present, and on regularly sticking with this eight-fold path to fat loss. Most importantly, trust the process and in no time you will say goodbye to that stubborn fat, once and for all.

Here’s a handy graphic to summarize the Eight-fold path. Feel free to save this image to your phone or bookmark this article so you can remind yourself of the 8 things you need to follow. You can also print it and paste it up in your kitchen or gym – be creative. Also, share this with your friends and family and help your community become healthier (and thinner). 

8fold path to fat loss - The Eight-fold Path to Lose Fat Once and For All

And before you embark on this Eight-fold path to fat loss, please take this quote as motivation:

Fat loss should not be complicated – it can be easily achieved with simple but consistent changes in lifestyle paired with large amounts of self-discipline.

Let us know in the comments once you’ve tried this method. We’d love to hear testimonies and success stories from you guys. It will fuel us to make more content like this one.

What’s the fun in living stronger alone? If you found this article useful, go ahead and share it with the people you care about! Let’s live stronger together!

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