Does Riding an Exercise Bike Strengthen Your Back?

According to a study, about 60-90 percent of adults experience back pain in their lifetime. Cardio exercises are best to heal this pain permanently. The exercise bike is the most popular cardio equipment for regular workouts. It is the ideal option for those people who have joint and back issues.

In this guide, we will share how riding an exercise bike strengthens your back. Exercise bikes usually provide low-impact exercise and less jerking to the spine than any other equipment. Particularly these bikes work much gently and provide an effective workout session without hurting the back.

Does Riding an Exercise Bike Strengthen Your Back?

“You can keep your back stable and pain-free by strengthening the muscles that support your spines”- The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Without putting pressure on the joints an exercise bike is perfect for strengthening the muscles. This is how riding an exercise bike can strengthen your back. 

This bike provides a no-impact workout, which means you won’t feel any force on your spines. You can work on the sore muscles of your body’s different areas by shifting the position. Not only this, but you can also strengthen your heart, lungs and burn body fat using this bike.

Though an exercise bike puts much less pressure on joints, it can still provide an effective aerobic workout. The pedaling action strengthens the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, core, and glutes. If your exercise bike comes with handles, then you can work on the upper body muscles also.

How to Prevent Having Back Injuries from Exercise Bikes?

The exercise bike can help you to strengthen your back if you do the exercise accurately. On the other side, poor posture, inaccurate setup, and improper cycling can lead your back to have strain. Following tips can help you to prevent back pain while using an exercise bike for working out.

Choosing the Right Bike

Usually, exercise bikes come in 3 different categories like upright, recumbent, and dual-action. There are some other bikes also. So while choosing, compare all of them and go for the perfect suited option. Let’s see how they work.

  • Upright Bike: This bike is similar to the regular bike designed with pedals positioned tinder the body. Upright bikes are great for having cardio exercise and strengthening the leg and core muscles. You can use this bike in a sitting and standing position.
  • Recumbent Bike: People with back pain find this bike more flexible to work out with. As these bikes come in a reclined position and larger seats, they can provide more ease and comfort. You will feel minimal stress on your upper body and lower body muscles and joints while exercising with this bike.
  • Dual-Action Bike: To target the upper body and lower body altogether, these bikes are ideal. They have movable handlebars to move the upper body forward and backward. You can have an effective whole-body workout with dual-action bikes.
  • Others: Some otherbikes are indoor bikes and fan or air bikes. Indoor bikes are more like upright bikes with an elevated seat. As the name suggests, these bikes are best for indoor use. Air bikes are less popular compared to others. They generally don’t have any programmed option.

Set up Properly

You can enjoy all the benefits from the exercise bike if the bike perfectly fits your body. So make sure your exercise bike comes up with the following features.

  • Adjustable Seat Height: Perfect fitted exercise bike means that the bike should match your height. If the height doesn’t match properly, it can hurt your knees and joints by putting excess pressure. Also, you should ensure the seat length. It should elevate enough so that you can sit comfortably.  
  • Pedal and Handle Distance: The bike should come up with enough distance between the handle and the pedal. This thing ensures free riding and prevents the knee from getting hit with handlebars. While buying, you can pedal to see how your back responds to the distance.

Maintain Proper Form

A proper form of riding can strengthen the back. Also, for those who have existing back pain, it can provide relief to that pain. While peddling, always keep the back straight. Do not slouch or hunch the shoulder. When keeping the head and chest up, distribute some weight on your arms and hands evenly.

Position the arms slightly bent; it will allow your upper body to absorb the vibrations and impacts. The most effective knee position is keeping them at a 90° angle on each stroke. This position is best for strengthening the hips and back. Don’t force yourself to work out beyond the limit.

Other Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

Compared to other cardio equipment, exercise bikes can provide a much effective workout. Here are the advantages of using an exercise bike-

  1. It boosts cardio fitness, strengthening the heart, lungs, improved blood sugar, blood flow, sleep, immune system, etc.
  2. Burn more calories and body fat that helps to lose weight.
  3. Indoor cycling is safer than road cycling.
  4. Using these bikes is ideal for toning the lower body muscles.
  5. It is the most efficient form of having low-impact cardiovascular exercise.
  6. Improve strength in several muscles like thigh, back, leg, hamstring, etc. 
  7. Exercise bikes are compact thus, require minimal space. 


People who have osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis find upright exercise bikes more beneficial. These bikes allow them to lean forward relieving the back pain caused by spinal stenosis. In contrast, people with lower back pain feel comfortable using recumbent exercise. Exercise bikes are great as people can choose the best fit from several options.

These bikes strengthen the back, muscles, and lower body with causing little to no impact. If you regularly use the exercise bike, you can have a toned body by burning excess calories. Now that you know that riding an exercise bike can strengthen your back, so start hopping onto it.


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