Coronavirus Questions: Can I Use the Same Face Mask Twice?

With the most recent pandemic, multiple states have made it mandatory to wear a mask with hopes of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus. With this new “normal” it has brought up multiple Coronavirus questions, including “can I use the same face mask twice?” 

We have done the research for you so keep reading to learn the verdict about wearing the same mask more than once. 

Can I Use the Same Face Mask Twice? 

The short answer is that yes they can be, but only if you know how to take care of them correctly. The number one rule is to not touch your mask because it can transfer virus particles onto the surface of your mask.

If you accidentally do touch your mask then you will want to wash your hands with soap and water or with alcohol as soon as possible. If you have a reusable face mask then you can wash it with hot water and detergent.

Safely Storing a Disposable Mask

When you are ready to remove your mask you want to do it safely and with as little touching as possible. Instead of touching the mask, use the ear straps to remove it and handle it. Most of the virus particles would be on the front of the mask which is the reason you want to avoid touching it.

Once you remove the mask via the ear straps then you will want to place it in a safe storage spot. You can use a clean paper bag or another receptacle as long as it is clean and has good ventilation. The lunch paper bags are an easy choice because they have structure and you can drop your mask in it and close up the bag.

You can also place your used mask in a Ziploc bag or in a plastic Tupperware. Leaving the mask in a contained environment for a few days is better than trying to clean a disposable mask. If you try to use disinfectant to clean your mask then you are going to end up breathing that in when you do wear your mask. 

Throwing Away Your Mask

If the mask looks dirty, soiled or torn, then you will want to throw it away immediately. You might be doing more harm than good wearing a torn or dirty mask around. This is why you want to have a supply of masks on hand for times that you have to dispose of a mask or when you have one of your masks decontaminating in a paper or Ziploc bag.

Before you throw your mask away make sure to first put it in a plastic bag and then throw it away. 

Coronavirus Questions Answered

Now that we answered one of the most popular Coronavirus questions “can I use the same facemask twice?” you can make sure that you follow the guidelines above to keep yourself and others safe. 

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